2 Reasons Why I Should Stop Wearing Hosiery But Won’t | LECHERY NEW YORK

2 Reasons Why I Should Stop Wearing Hosiery But Won’t | LECHERY NEW YORK

Though an item that is primarily worn for purposes such as to seduce one’s partner, cultural/religious reasons, and functionality, for me, it has come to the point where it acts as my second skin and armour. It’s hard to really make someone understand the high amount of passion I have for hosiery and I am certain that many women might get frustrated by how much I talk about them (lol). Honestly speaking though, I’m not in it for impressing others but rather myself, a woman who has dealt with her fair share of personal struggles. 

Ultimately, there are two reasons why we, women (or me specifically for this matter), should stop wearing hosiery. The first reason stems from the idea of fetishes. People who wear hosiery have been fetishized for the longest of time - I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise especially as I have discussed this on my previous blog posts. The idea that men have an interesting fetish for hosiery only leads to us women becoming the victims of oppression and sexual violence. We all live in a double standard society, so why do we have to be oppressed and sexually harassed too? The quick answer could be, “then stop wearing hosiery!” If it was just that easy for me, and all the other women who may have had a similar personal experience, we would!

The second reason is stigmas. Women who wear hosiery are stigmatized not only by men but sadly women as well. It sucks ladies, but I have been called, labeled, and stigmatized by many women for something I am not. What’s more threatening and disappointing is when women do it more than men, and there were times when this was the case. Why is it that a predominantly female worn item still something many women disapprove of? To be frank, it could be because of jealousy or insecurity. There’s nothing else that I could think of why a woman would even try to bash another woman. Again, if I’m complaining so much about this, you might be thinking, “Throw your hosiery away! It’s that simple!” If it was that simple, I would have done it a long time ago ladies.

I have shared this a myriad of times why hosiery is something that I wear on a daily basis, but what not many know is the deeper meaning behind my explanations of hosiery acting as a second skin and armour. These words only give a slight idea but not the full idea.

It dates back to trauma, molestation, and sexual harassment. There’s no need to share juicy details as I hope everyone would understand how hard it is to overcome such troubling memories, but if you are a woman who was victimized, you would understand how hosiery can act like a second skin or armour or protection. I have spoken to many women who were also victims of sexual assaults. They feel like having bare legs can trigger memories of their past so they opt for wearing hosiery. I feel the same way. If you’re able to wear a $10 item to help you feel much more confident in yourself, why the hell not? Essentially, I wanted to end this post with the thought that I won’t stop wearing hosiery simply because men fetishize or women stigmatize. I wear hosiery for many reasons whether it’s for my sexual life, teasing men, or my daily outfits, but truly it goes beyond those as it has become an item symbolic of my freedom, protection, and sanctuary.


  • TC

    I didn’t know other woman bash woman for wearing a mostly female article of clothing that use to be worn exclusively by men a long time ago. I’m a man and love wearing tights/pantyhose. I have ever since I can remember. I’ve ALWAYS been so jealous of not being able to wear them openely in public. I’m straight and don’t cross dress other than tights. Just love the look and feel of them. I never understood all the woman of the 90’s that took such a hate to them. They feel amazing! I sympathize with you but honestly feel I have it worse not being given the option to wear them without being ridiculed or considered gay or something when I’m not. Just want you to know you’re not alone in being frustrated. Take care.

  • Bruce Lee Smith

    very well written. i believe you just cracked open an undeniable issue that none wish to openly accept. for its sadly, so much easier to attack and continue allow it to carry on instead of addmitting it for what it is. as men we wish we were as caring as we believe, yet behind closed doors our sexual desires can overide our decision to lust more than to care. but to bring up your point on how other women treat another for wearing an item that affects the attention, and wondering eyes so easily causing jeslousy and resentments toward women. leading to labeling another is a tactic of many insecure person . maybe even thteatened by their own personal self esteem issues . whatever the reason it isnt cause for the cruelty of us humans to another. bet its more common but in denial it is allowed. as a victim of long term molestation, and abuse i feel some of what you said without saying , why i had to comment. there is indeed truth in your words. i feel for victoms that have been through these things we all know is wrong but get overlooked or if ignored or not reported cause of who the predator is or who the victim was. we got a long way to go as humans. indeed. thank u for your time i know its hard for me to try and get across my point. so it gets more confusing to the reader. im sorry if i confused more than was able to undrstand. but you did very well please keep it up you are on to opening eyes and making aware what no one else is . if it helps one person then you need to know your talent is great. and so ya know it has helped me . and i hide my armor , second skin almost daily. not alot of days are missed. i ensure you. peace to you and yours!

  • Tof


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