The Hosiery Brand That Caters to All, But Barely Mentioned

The Hosiery Brand That Caters to All, But Barely Mentioned

Photo credit: @ohh.boss

As the hosiery industry continues to make progress to become more inclusive along with the lingerie industry, one brand making strides by not only catering to plus size women, but also for the tall and the little woman is Glamory Hosiery.

Glamory Hosiery was founded in Germany way back in 2005. The German brand was founded by owners, Sven Bork and Dennis Hoffert. The company was then brought to North America by Timothy Gettler in 2010 who has seen her wife, a beautiful and curvy  6’2” woman, struggle to find the perfect legwear. After finding out it was not only her who struggled with finding the right pair of hosiery, the brand became a hit amongst women of all types and also for men, bigenders, and agenders.

Without a doubt, with brands like Glamory Hosiery on the rise, the body revolution has taken into effect across the fashion industry embracing all types of women regardless of their size, shape, weight, color, and form. We find this brand to be a true role model of inclusivity with sizes that go from medium to 4XL. 

Here are some of our Glamory Hosiery favorites broken down by categories! 

Hosiery For Plus 

If you’re into classics who also want to wear something that would attract the soul we recommend these to be added to your hosiery collection: 50111 Deluxe20 holdups, 50353 Mesh Ouvert tights, and 50137 Luxury20.

Hosiery For Tall

For our tall women who may be struggling to find the right pair of tights, you do not need to worry anymore! Glamory Hosiery has got you covered with their 50115 Comfort20 hold ups and 50351 Mesh tights.

Hosiery For Little Woman

We got to admit, they do have a very limited selection. But, we are certain that Glamory Hosiery is continuing to deliver products that will give their wearers that extra elegance in their everyday life for their customer base. Our favorites for this line would be their 51168 Short80 tights and 51124 Short40 tights.

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