Top 5 Hosiery Brands That Are LECHERY Supported | LECHERY NEW YORK

Top 5 Hosiery Brands That Are LECHERY Supported | LECHERY NEW YORK

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Just as we gave you our Top 5 Lingerie Brands That Are LECHERY Supported, we feel it’s necessary to do the same for hosiery. When it comes to hosiery, the question, which brand would you recommend? Is something we have been asked A LOT. However, our response to this is that it JUST DEPENDS. The main reason why this is, is because we have tried multiple brands where some of their products are of exceptional quality and some are not. But, in this blog post, we’re recommending you our top five hosiery brands we have had little to zero issues with (in no particular order).

1. Oroblu

If you haven’t heard of Oroblu, it means you’re just beginning to start your hosiery collection. This brand needs no further introduction. They have been in the industry for over 40 years, and are continuing to make strides with their products. What we love about their hosiery collection is how elegant and classy they are. Their quality is exceptional. You won’t go wrong with their classics. They are also super affordable given the reputation they have earned as a brand! 

2. Philippe Matignon

The next one on our list is Philippe Matignon. Under the Golden Lady SpA in Italy. Their hosiery collection speaks of elegance, grace, style, femininity, and seduction. It is your go-to brand when you want to feel like a billion dollars and ready to go take over the world. Some of our favorites are their Collant Rose, Collant Bouquet, and Collant Retro tights. Do check them out! 

3. Heist

Only 5 years in the industry, this brand has definitely garnered so much success since their launch. Known for their inventive tights that defy gravity, your issues with sagging tights might have just found the perfect solution! We got to admit, their products may come across as pricey, but your legs are getting the utmost care they deserve - and one that will last you many wears! Oh, and what we love about this brand is their mission and vision for the future. Heist has been committed to reducing harms toward the environment and is making sustainable efforts to protect our planet. Some of our favorites are The Thirty and The Fishnet tights! 

4. Girardi

Though this brand has been in the game for so long dating way back in 1954 founded by Mr. Domenico Girardi, it seems not many know about the brand. We like to think of Girardi as the Delvaux of hosiery. It’s the perfect example of, “If You Know, You Know.” Their products speak absolute femininity, intricacy, art, and royalty. Some of our favorites from their brand are the In Love, Je Suis L’Amour, and Arabesque tights. You’ll feel like a Queen ready to conquer when you wear their products! 

5. FiORE

Last but not the least, FiORE. FiORE, just like how they describe themselves on their website, really captures that Parisian chic and Italian sex appeal. That’s exactly what they are. We couldn’t think of a better way to put it! FiORE was created for women and by women. Their hosiery products will entice anyone as it sure did with us. If you want hosiery that will last you many wears and continue to elevate your sex appeal, mood and personality, FiORE is the brand for you! Our favorites are their Scarlett 20 Den and Burlesque 30 Den stockings. For tights, we love Manhattan!

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If we missed anything, please do share with us some brands that you would like us to mention, and we would be more than happy to recommend them as well on our website!


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