LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @_Dessi._

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @_Dessi._

Good evening loves! Happy Tuesday! We’re just 8 days away from Christmas and 15 days away from 2020, and we’re so proud of you all who have been sharing their journey’s with us and inspiring all the people out there with regards to body-care, self-confidence, lingerie, and fashion. You mean the world to us everyone! So thank you! With that being said, we have an interview to share with you we had with the epitome of sexiness Destiny @_dessi._. In this interview with Destiny, we talk about her passion in helping people, how she started with boudoir photoshoots which really jumpstart her modeling career, her advice to you all about feeling confident about yourself, and her hopes for the future of lingerie. To learn more about this stunning and gorgeous woman, keep on reading!

Interview with the stunning @_dessi._

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

DESSI: First and foremost, my name is Destiny. I am a sweet, kind and generous person. I  love helping people, I love outdoor activities and right now I am building myself up as a model. My passion is modelling.

LECHERY: We came across your page as we saw that you’re into modelling and being in lingerie. What got you into lingerie? 

DESSI: Well, a photographer that I knew suggested that I should try what you would call a boudoir photo shoot and I said yes! And once I did the photo shoot I was in love with the pictures.

LECHERY: We love how confident and bold you are as portrayed in your pictures! What does lingerie mean to you?

DESSI: Lingerie means to me that you can be sexy and wild in a good way or a little spicy way you can also go far with your confidence in lingerie try new things with your partner you know!

LECHERY: What is the perfect set of lingerie for you? Any brands you recommend? 

DESSI: Savage x fenty.

LECHERY: How do you feel when wearing lingerie?  

DESSI: I feel sexy and confident.

LECHERY: What is your main advice to women who struggle with confidence and body image? 

DESSI: That you are beautiful in all shapes and sizes just like we have plus size models we got the Victoria’s Secret models who are extra petite so don’t be afraid to show who you are in displaying your image because there is beauty in everyone.

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the lingerie industry in the future? 

DESSI: I’m looking forward to a brand that fits many different personalities

LECHERY: What is one lingerie brand that every girl should have in their closet? 

DESSI: Victoria’s Secret.

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy? 

DESSI: I love fitted clothing, so fitted clothing.

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words: 

DESSI: Sexy, cool, wild !

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