LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Anabelleworld

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Anabelleworld

Good evening LECHERY Ladies! Happy Monday! How’s everyone’s week starting so far? Hope we’re all starting it strong! Tomorrow morning, we will be sharing the wonderful interview we had with Anabel of @anabelleworld. Anabel is a blogger and model who also happens to work as a Marketing Manager/Designer for a global company in Fort Lauderdale. In this interview, Anabel shares how she’s always on the go and how she practices self-care with her busy and hectic schedule. She also shares her passion for doing lingerie photo shoots; she mentions that she loves doing these types of shoots in hopes to build confidence in people! We truly resonated with her message, and this is why we can’t wait to share with you this stunning and sexy lady’s insight on lingerie. Along with that, Anabel also gives us some recommendations on what sort of lingerie all of us women should get and her advice to you all to become more confident about yourselves. To learn more about this gorgeous woman, read on!

Interview with the epitome of sexiness @anabelleworld

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by you telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

ANABEL: The pleasure is mine. I moved to Florida 4 years ago to seek better opportunities. I currently work as a Marketing Manager/Designer for a global company in Fort Lauderdale. This gave me the opportunity to travel. 

LECHERY: We see that you're into traveling and also doing lingerie shoots, what got you into both? Is that your way of practicing self-care? Tell us more about it.

ANABEL:  I am required to travel for work to host trade shows and conduct marketing analysis for all divisions including our design division “BD”. 

Our bodies and self-care are our biggest assets. Practicing self-care is much more than showing our bodies, it’s the way we live, eat, and take care of ourselves. I love sharing these attributes with others to help build confidence because it’s possible for all!  

LECHERY: What does lingerie mean to you? Does it give you confidence? Or is it just something you wear to give an added extra sex appeal? How do you feel when wearing lingerie? 

ANABEL: I have worked hard to get to where I am at today. Lingerie beautifies our bodies and enhances my confidence level, so I love wearing them.

LECHERY: What is the perfect set of lingerie to you? And which brands would you recommend?

ANABEL: I prefer a two (2) piece set because it reveals my shape and makes me very comfortable. 

Victoria’s Secret is my no. 1 choice but I am very open to trying other unique brands.  

LECHERY:  What is a bad experience you've had with a lingerie set? And what brands would you avoid buying from?

ANABEL: I had a bad experience with a set that has metals on both sides of the panties, which tarnished. 

I avoid buying low quality and unknown brands.

LECHERY: What is your main advice to women who struggle with confidence and body image? 

ANABEL:  My advice, always work on protecting your investment (your body) by eating right, exercising, treating yourself, and never giving up!!! Set “self-improving” and achievable goals…you don’t need to spend too much to achieve confidence.  

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the lingerie industry in the future?

ANABEL: More comfortable, simple, but yet sexy.  

LECHERY: What is one lingerie piece that every girl should have in their closet? 

ANABEL: Definitely 2 piece set and an elegant night gown. 

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy?

ANABEL: I love a 2 piece set but I also love to wear sexy night gowns that highlights my shape. 

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words: 

ANABEL: Confidence, Sexy, Comfortable

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