LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Elisabellareal

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Elisabellareal

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Good evening LECHERY ladies, how are we all at this point of our lives? We apologize if we haven’t been delivering the content that we strive for due to the many obstacles that we are all facing in today’s day and age. With that being said, we hope you are all staying at home, washing your hands, taking care of your loved ones, and practicing social distancing due to COVID-19. All of us will get through this together, be patient and be optimistic. We’re in this together!

On another note, we wanted to let you know we will share our next interview with Elisa Bartolotti. @elisabellareal is from Italy and she is an international model, T.V. show girl, and a social influencer. She is also a student. She is striving to become an actress in the near future as she pursues her studies at acting school. In this interview with Elisa, she shares her journey to feeling sexy and desirable through posting pictures of her in lingerie. Elisa has also been on the cover of renowned magazines such as PLAYBOY. She was not only in one of them but THREE covers! This was her dream ever since she was a child and we are beyond proud of her for achieving her goals at such a young age. Let’s all give it up for Elisa Bartolotti as she shares her lingerie advice to us women!

Interview with the gorgeous and sexy @elisabellareal

Elisa is an international model, T.V. 's show girl, and social influencer. She is currently trying to pursue a career in acting studies in school. Elisa is also a fashionista and lingerie connoisseur which can be seen through her Instagram feed. She also describes that her interest and photos in lingerie played a significant role in gaining engagement, she states and smiles, “it is good for self-esteem too.”

When LECHERY asked @Elisabellareal about what lingerie means to her and how she feels when wearing them, she responded, “I feel sexy, desirable, and similar to my childhood icons.” Elisa has always been enamored with lingerie as she feels that this has allowed her to reach her goals. Through Elisa’s brand, which is, herself,  has led her to be on the cover of PLAYBOY magazine. If you are not familiar with PLAYBOY magazine, it is an American lifestyle magazine aimed for men which was founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953. With that said, we were completely surprised to know that Elisa was not only featured on one cover but three covers of PLAYBOY! We are beyond proud of her as she continues to become an inspiration to many aspiring lingerie models. She describes her feeling in being put on the cover of PLAYBOY magazine as, “one of my dreams in life, PLAYBOY, will be my family forever.”

Despite how confident, sophisticated, and stunning @Elisabellareal is, there is one thing that many of her followers don’t really know much about her, and that is, she is “a shy girl.” Yes, you heard that right, Elisa confessed to us that she is really shy in real life regardless of all the photos she shows on her feed. 

As you know, LECHERY is all about lingerie and women, so we couldn’t help but ask what Elisa's favorite set and brand to wear. Elisa has mentioned to us that, La Perla, is her favorite brand. In terms of what she likes and what makes her feel confident, she loves to wear a bra set from La Perla, thongs, stockings, and white high heels. We also asked Elisa if she ever had a bad experience in buying from a lingerie brand and she responded with a prompt answer, “never.” 

Elisa loves to be an inspiration to people and we asked her for some advice about how to be more confident with one’s body. She advises, “love yourself and do all you can for getting the best.” We couldn’t agree more. 

We also asked Elisa what sort of lingerie pieces should every girl own, and she said, “a lace slip.” She loves lace slips because when she is at home feeling comfortable she likes wearing a sweater with cotton slip. It gives her, as she describes it, “a very virgin girl next door look.”

Lastly, we ask all of our interviewees how would they describe lingerie in three words, @Elisabellareal describes lingerie as, “Amazing, mischievous, innocent.”

We thank @Elisabellareal for participating in this interview, LECHERY ladies, please support her and help us welcome her to the LECHERY family!

Photo credit: @phaolo69
Photo credit: @Castronuovoluca
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