LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @AbigailWalker_Lingerie

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @AbigailWalker_Lingerie

It’s September! Can you believe it? Cause we can’t! As we welcome the new month of September with positivity and inspiring stories from women across the world, we were delighted to be able to sit-down (figuratively speaking) and do a virtual interview with our dear Abigail Walker of @AbigailWalker_Lingerie from Cardiff, U.K. 

Although the lingerie industry is one where the competition is cut-throat, especially with lingerie giants like Calvin Klein or even more so with fast fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret taking over the lingerie industry (despite countless scandals that happen behind closed doors), there seems to be a rising demand for smaller businesses who practice in a more ethical and sustainable method. Brands like Abigail Walker Lingerie are the perfect example and you’ll find out why in a second.  

Abigail Walker Lingerie graced our presence after discovering the brand on our Explore Page on Instagram. Yes, ladies, the Explore Page is one of our sources in seeking for talent, beautiful women, and girl bosses! But also after seeing influencer and fellow LECHERY Lady @Antoniashanley_x wear their products! As Antonia once said, “Their stuff is gorgeous and the quality is amazing.” This is something we definitely can attest to after doing an interview with Abigail Walker. 

Model: @Antoniashanley_x 

Abigail Walker Lingerie was founded in September 2019 by, then, senior Fashion Design student, Abigail, from Cardiff Metropolitan University. It was due to her fascination by the female figure that gave her the epiphany to start her own lingerie line that would transform and make women feel more confident and sensual in their own bodies. 

Inspired by the idea of perceived femininity and sensuality and the works of Amy Judd, Abigail has transformed the use of lingerie from an undergarment worn only in the bedroom to a garment that can be worn as outerwear. Her brand focus is to capture the silhouette of women while also fitting the body perfectly that will help discover their inner femininity and sensuality. One of the brand’s main core values is their focus on body-diversity and inclusivity - as you read our interview together - you will notice how this young lady is not only about designing beautiful lingerie but how she deeply cares about making every woman feel comfortable in their own skin.

What also truly captivated us at LECHERY is not only how she cares for women but how she acknowledges the fact that the fashion industry is wasteful. As a way to alleviate and reduce any more damage to the environment, Abigail utilizes all the fabric remnants she can to make smaller products such as scrunchies - genius, ey? We definitely think so! More brands should follow her path when it comes to finding sustainable ways in order to protect Mother Nature! 

Scrunchies made from fabric remnants! 

We’re not sure how else to introduce her before you read the full interview but this woman is someone who we truly look up to as an entrepreneur, designer, and creative! She is the epitome of a hardworking woman who only devotes her time to spreading love, positivity, and creativity to the women who wear her products. 

Abigail is the modern example of a girl boss. Ever since the pandemic hit, Abigail has been doing all the designing and creating of her product line by herself - as Abigail Walker Lingerie continues to grow - she hopes to build a team of creatives who are willing to expand her vision of lingerie “worn as outerwear” and made by hand with care and love. 

To learn more about this fascinating woman who we truly adore, read the full interview down below! 

Interview with the Lingerie Girl Boss, Abigail Walker of @AbigailWalker_Lingerie

LECHERY:  It is a great pleasure to have you here with us to talk about your lingerie brand virtually. Tell us more about you, your brand, and how you came up with the idea of creating your own line.

ABIGAIL: Thank you so much for having me to talk virtually, it means a lot. I am Abigail Walker, owner of Abigail Walker Lingerie. I have recently finished my Fashion Design Degree where I specialized in Lingerie Design. I now run Abigail Walker Lingerie on a full time basis in my new studio based in South Wales. I have always been captivated by the female figure and had a passion for design, lingerie design just came naturally and I am so thankful that I am able to do it now as my full time job. My brand values are to empower women through lingerie, exploring ‘lingerie as outerwear’, inspiring women to boost their body confidence and feel empowered by wearing my products without feeling like they are being sexualized. The brand’s strapline is ‘Fiercely Feminine’ which adds to the empowerment element. Body confidence and women empowerment has reached a new high in recent years and I think that this is important to the majority of women and particularly myself and I feel strongly that I want my brand to reflect that message. I have created this business because I want to give women the choice to wear these products as intimate lingerie or alternatively as outerwear and to feel confident and empowered whilst doing so. The brand identity focuses on silhouette, fitting the body perfectly with a feminine and sensual feel. My brand gives women access to lingerie products that have been made by hand with love and care!

LECHERY: As a U.K. based brand, (I myself have lived in the U.K. throughout my childhood, and I know how cut-throat the competition there is), how were you able to find your niche and set your brand apart from all the competitors?

ABIGAIL: I have based the brand on my beliefs and aesthetic and I believe that this is what sets Abigail Walker Lingerie apart from the rest. Our brand beliefs are that all women have the right to feel confident and comfortable in lingerie without being sexualized. We know that women come in all shapes and sizes and that is why we offer a custom sizing option at no extra cost. A large range of our products have adjustable straps on both the briefs and bras, this is a design feature that we think is very important as we are aware that your typical ‘medium’ can differ for different people so our adjustable straps allow the product to fit you perfectly and comfortably.

At Abigail Walker Lingerie we are all about the details. All of our products are finished off by little rose gold charms that make the product easily recognizable to our brand. All of our fabrics contain stretch as providing comfort whilst feeling super feminine is our ultimate goal.

LECHERY: Who do you see your lingerie brand being worn by? Who is the Abigail Walker Lingerie customer and what does she stand for?

ABIGAIL: Abigail Walker Lingerie is for all women; I feel strongly that my brand can be worn by anyone. Our products have been designed to be versatile so that the customer can style them however they feel comfortable. Our products can be worn as ‘lingerie as outerwear’ and intimately. My products blend effortlessly with outerwear but also can be worn more intimately as lingerie, which gives them versatility and appeals to a much wider target market. I design each product to make women feel confident and feminine. We also offer a different range of prices so that there is something for everyone.

LECHERY: We love how your lingerie products are handmade with love and care, do you do everything on your own or do you have a team that helps you with production?

ABIGAIL: At the moment I make everything myself in my studio in South Wales. One of the most important aspects of my business is that each product is handmade especially for the customer; I do not want to go into mass production for my products as it takes away the personal aspect of them. I hope to expand and have a team to help make the products by hand in the studio allowing us to be able to provide more products to the customers with a shorter waiting time. For the time being it is just me designing and making the products. 

LECHERY: Based on our simple search, you started your brand in September of 2019, what has been your biggest rookie mistake as an entrepreneur and what has been the most rewarding experience you've had to date? 

ABIGAIL: I would say that my biggest mistake when I first started out was underpricing my products; I have now learnt to believe in the quality and unique nature of my product, which are now sold at a slightly higher price point. However, it is very important to me that there are products available for everyone so I have different collections which are based at different price points depending on the fabrics and the time it takes to make each product. I think the most rewarding experiences I have had to date would be being able to participate in pop-ups around the Cardiff area. The pop ups I have been part of have all been about empowering female entrepreneurs and local businesses. It is amazing to see first hand what kind of reaction my products get and I love to support other local businesses. It is so inspiring to see other female entrepreneurs absolutely smashing it!

LECHERY: How do you foresee the lingerie industry going forward 5-10 years from now?

ABIGAIL: It's so positive to see that many brands now are celebrating women of all sizes and I hope that in years to come this will continue to be the case; spreading the message of body positivity. This is something that Abigail Walker Lingerie will continue to support. Lots of brands are now starting to be more sustainable as it is no secret that the fashion industry is detrimental to the environment. At Abigail Walker Lingerie we do our bit to try and be as sustainable as possible. All of our fabric scraps are used and turned into scrunchies instead of throwing fabric away.

LECHERY: It's been a difficult time for all of us, especially with the whole COVID-19 pandemic still going on, how has that affected your business?

ABIGAIL: Well I have recently finished my Fashion Design Degree, the past few months would have been a very important time in my course. I would have been showing at graduate fashion week and be showing in our course fashion show. Unfortunately, these were not able to take place. However, I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to take the time in lockdown to be able to focus on the business and making products for my lovely customers. I have been offering discounts over lockdown to use online as I appreciate that it is a very difficult time for everyone and I am extremely thankful that people are still choosing to purchase from Abigail Walker Lingerie and allowing the business to continue growing during this hard time. 

LECHERY: Our last question is, what's next for Abigail Walker Lingerie and what can we expect in the near future? 

ABIGAIL: Abigail Walker Lingerie will continue to grow and provide more products to our customers. I plan on expanding our product range to lots more nightwear/loungewear and also look into branching out into swimwear next year.

We also have a loungewear collection coming out in early July which is super exciting, we want to provide comfortable clothing whilst feeling super feminine! This collection will be our first mix and match collection consisting of 4 different style pieces in 4 different colours.

Photos provided by @AbigailWalker_Lingerie

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