LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @CayceCampaign7

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @CayceCampaign7

Photo credit: Jeffrey Thomas for Jeffery Thomas Photography.

Happy Friday everyone! Who’s ready for the weekend? Because we are! Can’t believe October is almost over, then it’s November, then December, and then 2021! Despite how difficult this year has been for all of us, it went by so fast and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year - hopefully more positive!

Today we have a new interview featuring the graceful, beautiful, and fearless Cayce Campaign @CayceCampaign7. Campaign works as a freelance fashion model and a pharmacist in Cincinnati, Ohio. She started her career in the modeling industry about two years ago. From there, she garnered attention and has used her platform in order to spread self-love and body-positivity. 

As for everyone who we have interviewed thus far at LECHERY, Campaign is one who enjoys being herself in hosiery, lingerie, and boudoir photoshoots. However, her journey with hosiery, lingerie, and boudoir did not start immediately. Campaign actually used to shy away from intimate apparel simply because of her upbringing. “Coming from a heavily religious background where expressing herself through her sexuality and lingerie was completely off-limits,” she describes. After having to work with a local photographer, this was when Campaign decided to “break the limited belief” that was instilled in her. Since then, her passion for boudoir content grew.

In this interview with Campaign, we discuss the intricacies revolving around the ideas of being a naturally curvy woman, her constant battle with her weight which negatively affected her self-confidence, her thoughts on how to destroy double standards in society, and why it is important to speak up, rise up, and to not be afraid to go topless.

To learn more about this stunning woman from Cincinnati, Ohio, keep on reading!

Interview with the beautiful @CayceCampaign7

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

CAYCE: I’m still getting used to almost everything being virtual now, haha. Anyways, my name is Cayce Campaign. I try to spread self-love and body positivity through my work as a freelance fashion model in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas. I’ve been modeling for about two years now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

LECHERY: We see that you're into hosiery and lingerie, what got you into posting hosiery and lingerie? Tell us more about it.

CAYCE: I’ll be perfectly honest originally when I started modeling, I shied away from hosiery, lingerie, boudoir – all of that initially due to my upbringing. I came from a heavily religious background where expressing yourself through your sexuality and lingerie was completely off-limits. It wasn’t until I shot with a former local photographer Aeron Reinhardt, that I slowly began to basically break that limited belief that was placed on me. Now, finding the right lingerie was a complete other monster in it of itself.

As a naturally curvy twenty-four year old woman at the time, I’ve had this constant battle with my weight and it tied into my self-confidence. I remember first walking into Victoria’s Secret seeing pictures of these skinny, fit models and immediately wanting to high-tail it right back out the door; however, I swallowed what little pride I had and made that step into asking for help. I think I went through about six different sets until I found “the one”. Back then it was hard to find a set that fit my 36D chest that actually looked sexy but once the I put on this cute maroon bralette with matching lacy panties – I never went back.  

Photo credit: Aeron Reinhardt for Aeron Reinhardt Photography

LECHERY: What does lingerie mean to you? Does it give you confidence? Or is it just something you wear to give an added extra sex appeal? How do you feel when wearing lingerie?

CAYCE: I think it’s a little bit of both. When I go about finding what I like to call the “perfect set” is what is going to make me feel sexy? What is going to make me think the moment I see myself wearing it in front of a mirror, “Dang, ok, I see you there, Girl! Yas, Queen!” I don’t think of anyone else at that moment because at the end of the day it’s all about YOU. No one else but you. Whether you are a woman, man, trans, non-binary, etc. wearing the lingerie, the moment you look in that mirror, you should be falling in love with yourself and that is what I go for and how I feel when I wear it. 

LECHERY: What is the perfect pair of hosiery for you? Or lingerie, if you don't wear hosiery.

CAYCE: I love, love, love fishnets! Hands down, fishnets are my weakness. I recently found a pair with moons and stars embedded in them that I wore for a Coven shoot and they were comfortable and sexy as hell. I didn’t want to take them off all night. 

Lingerie wise, my boobs are huge and I’ll never deny it and the biggest thing is that the bra has to be comfortable and sexy. It’s extremely difficult finding the best of both worlds for my size but when I find it, I never want to take it off. I still have that bralette set from two years ago and I still wear it once a week. It’s just so comfortable and gorgeous. 

LECHERY: As wearing hosiery and lingerie can be seen by the wider-community to be vulgar, how do you react to the negativity?  

CAYCE:I think we need to change our outlook on what is considered vulgar in our world. The fact we still have so many young women and others being afraid of their bodies due to societal pressures is extremely concerning and disheartening. I still deal with the fear of being judged every day posting my boudoir photos. Also not a day goes by where I hear about a girl being torn to shreds via social media due to her wanting to express herself through lingerie. My reaction is wanting to post more because these girls and even other individuals from different communities think that it is perfectly alright to love your body and express yourself. There is much more going on in this world that deserves our attention than tearing someone down for them being a positive influence. 

LECHERY: We live in a very double standard society, when a man is topless, it is normalized and accepted, but for a woman, she’s hypersexualized and stigmatized. As women, how do you think we should combat this?

CAYCE: Speak up, rise up, don’t be afraid to go topless. I’m a full supporter of going bra-less and topless in public. I have never understood why there has to be this double standard, but it all goes back to religion and the “moral code” pushed upon society from all of that. It’s 2020, we shouldn’t be still fighting for our rights to be ourselves.

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the hosiery and lingerie industry in the future? 

CAYCE: Complete acceptance and more fashion pieces designed specifically to include it in the look. I want to see it on the runways outside of the Victoria’s Secret model fashion shows. No more judgment, only love.

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy? What is your advice to other women who struggle with confidence and body-image?

CAYCE: Black Lacy underwear, I will always recommend it especially if you aren’t feeling yourself that day. My advice to women who have body-image and trouble with confidence is this: Put on your favorite underwear or outfit go in front of a mirror. Put on your favorite song and start dancing along to it, lose yourself in that moment.  Then turn around and look at yourself in the mirror. See yourself and how gorgeous you are. Speak positive affirmations to yourself each day about loving yourself and your body. You are gorgeous inside and out and never forget to tell yourself that and always remember.

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words:

CAYCE: Self-love, Speechless, Fabulous 

LECHERY: It is a really tough time in today's world with the whole COVID-19 pandemic going on, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy and healthy?

CAYCE: Aside from shoots, I have a day job at a pharmacy. When not doing that, I am staying busy by finding small ways to work out. I still play Pokemon Go (don’t judge me, I’m a total nerd) and walk around my local parks. Even though the gyms are opening back up, I still would rather go on YouTube and do workout challenges by Chloe Ting (highly recommend), Yoga out on my deck, or walking. I’m also a huge bookworm and currently reading “Wonderful Tonight” by legendary former model Pattie Boyd. It’s the little things.

Photo credit: Miranda Wells for Miranda Wells Photography

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