LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Timeless_Anarchy

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Timeless_Anarchy

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Happy Monday everyone! How can it be November already? This year went by so fast, it’s unbelievable! Do you feel the same way? Now that it is approaching the end of the year, we still have two months to really make the most out of 2020. Two months is 1/6 of the year, that is still plenty of time for us to really achieve what goals we had set for this year. We just gotta keep our mind to it! Let’s do this ladies and gentlemen! 

For today’s interview, we have Wynter @Timeless_Anarchy. This incredible and stunning woman from North Alabama, USA, caught our attention at LECHERY after seeing the rather eccentric and stunning photos of Wynter. Wynter currently works as a barista and works events from time-to-time. Her more exciting hobby, she states is cosplay which she has been doing for around nine to ten years now. 

In this interview with Wynter, she shares with us how she first got into hosiery and lingerie, why hosiery and lingerie is a confidence-booster to her, and how it is difficult for us to battle the stigmas associated with them due to the preconceived notions that have been ingrained in many societies. That said, there are a myriad of ways we as a community can get rid of this stigma. To know how, keep on reading!

Interview with the stunning and gorgeous @Timeless_Anarchy

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

WYNTER: Thanks for contacting me!, I'm really excited to do this! Right now I just work as a barista and work events from time-to-time. My more exciting hobby, however, is cosplay! I've been doing that for around nine to ten years, and it's definitely been a wild ride.

LECHERY: We see that you're into hosiery and lingerie, what got you into posting hosiery and lingerie? Tell us more about it.

WYNTER: I think I got into wearing and posting hosiery+lingerie due to my love of cosplay! It's amazing what you can do with seemingly simple-looking lingerie pieces, or how much thigh-highs or fishnets can enhance your look. I've recently taken up 'freelance' (unpaid) modeling as well, and mixing-and-matching different lingerie pieces with ""normal"" clothing items creates a stunning effect. It started with wearing fishnets and corsets and evolved from there.

LECHERY: What does lingerie mean to you? Does it give you confidence? Or is it just something you wear to give an added extra sex appeal? How do you feel when wearing lingerie?

WYNTER: I use lingerie as a confidence-booster and to add to my style, if that makes sense? It's not uncommon to see me wearing certain pieces, normally tops or stockings, as part of my daily wear. I like to feel sexy in my own skin, and that really helps. It's also evolved, in a way, as a way to reclaim some of my bodily autonomy!

Photo credit: @TennesseeValleyVisuals

LECHERY: What is the perfect pair of hosiery for you? Or lingerie, if you don't wear hosiery.

WYNTER: I'm almost obsessed with fishnet tights and other similar stockings, they're so versatile and I can pair it with almost anything. Not to mention it can add that extra "oomph" to an outfit when it needs it. For general lingerie, I have to say any type of corset, I just love the aesthetic it gives.

LECHERY: As wearing hosiery and lingerie can be seen by the wider-community to be vulgar, how do you react to the negativity? 

WYNTER: When I started posting content and wearing outfits that contained hosiery/lingerie, I was getting quite a bit of negative and vulgar comments in both real life and online. I think those kinds of comments are what furthered my drive or want to wear things like that, a way to show people that their negative opinions don't affect me.

LECHERY: We live in a very double standard society, when a man is topless, it is normalized and accepted, but for a woman, she’s hypersexualized and stigmatized. As women, how do you think we should combat this?

WYNTER: This can be a very difficult subject to broach, as the hypersexualization of breasts and other parts of the body is so ingrained in many societies. I've noticed that, many times, feminine bodies are only acceptable when it's for someone else to look at or use-- You can see that in many ads that rely on sex appeal to sell their items, even when the product in question doesn't pertain to sex/intimacy/etc.

Combating this stigma is a long road, as habits and ingrained opinions are hard to change. I feel the best way to start is to be shameless, wear what you want however you are comfortable with wearing it.

Photo credit: @TennesseeValleyVisuals

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the hosiery and lingerie industry in the future?

WYNTER: I would really like some more-affordable, good-quality, corsets. The few I have are cheap, and it's reflected in the product (they still look great, though!).

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy? What is your advice to other women who struggle with confidence and body-image?

WYNTER: I have a few torn-up pairs of jeans that pair really well with some of my heeled boots and fishnets, pairing those with just a simple (concealing) lingerie top, or bralette, always seems to boost my confidence-- I actually call that my "bad-b*tch outfit" haha!

Self-confidence and gaining a positive body image can be really hard to obtain, and even harder to maintain.

You're always going to have amazing body image days, and completely awful body image day, and everything in between. There are days when I think nothing looks good on me, no matter what I try on.

My biggest mantra is: "Your worst critic is yourself". Never put yourself down, confidence definitely has to come from within. I've also found "fake it 'til you make it" works to an extent, it can get you to the door at times, but you gotta get yourself the rest of the way through it.

Self-love is really difficult, as is self-care-- Remember to drink some water and take a moment to unclench your jaws and muscles if you're reading this! <3

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words:

WYNTER: Sensual. Bold. Exciting.

LECHERY: It is a really tough time in today's world with the whole COVID-19 pandemic going on, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy and healthy?

WYNTER: I've taken up rock climbing and gotten back into kayaking, both don't feel like exercise, so it's very helpful. For self-care, I've taken up growing, and tending to plants (I have over 30 now; from flowers, to succulents, to herbs, and even a few carnivorous plants!). I've also started teaching myself how to cook, and have been working on art, costuming and prop-making, as well as painting and crocheting! My three pets also keep me pretty busy, three ferrets and a cat are definitely a handful!

Photo credit: @TennesseeValleyVisuals

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