LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Nancymoeller_

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Nancymoeller_

Good afternoon stunning ladies, how are we all holding up as we continue to be in social isolation after all these times? We hope all of you are able to already adjust to the new “normal” and are spending more time with your loved ones and being the best versions of yourselves! Comment down below how things are going with you, we’d love to hear from you! 

You know we don’t stop talking about hosiery/lingerie and we are now entering another weekend, and that means, a new interview with a new member of our community will be introduced - we will be posting the full interview tomorrow!

This is @nancymoeller_. Nancy is a full-time model, blogger, and entrepreneur. In this interview with Nancy, she shares with us her journey to self-acceptance with her body after having to experience insecurity while growing up. She was able to find this path to self-care and self-love after being able to finally wear lingerie - this is when life changed for her. She became confident, empowered, and accepting of her body. With that said, please tune into our next few posts tomorrow to read more about an interview with this gorgeous and stunning woman!

Let’s all welcome Nancy to the LECHERY family ladies.

Interview with the stunning and gorgeous @nancymoeller_

During this lingerie interview, the first question we asked Nancy was what got her into posting fashion and lingerie, and if it is her way of practicing self-care. To Nancy, fashion and lingerie had always been embedded in her for as long as she can remember. She recalls while growing up that she “couldn’t wait to grow up to be allowed to wear whatever she wanted.” She also admitted that as she was growing up she also experienced insecurity because of her body. But, “modeling and lingerie gave me the confidence to accept my body as it is.” 

We then followed her up with the question of what does lingerie mean to you? Does it give you confidence? Or is it just something you wear to give an added extra sex appeal? How do you feel when wearing lingerie? She replied by stating that, “lingerie is a way of self-expression and self-love to me. Depending on my mood is what decides my lingerie choice for the day. Of course, special occasions bring special lingerie too. Lingerie always gives me an inner confidence, even if nobody sees it.” 

As any lady would ask or be curious to know, we could not help ourselves and ask her what is the perfect set of lingerie for her and which brands she would recommend. She responded to us by saying that she is obsessed with bodysuit pieces, demi bras, and guards. Some of her top brands are @EmpressMimilingerie, @VictoriasSecret, and  @AgentProvocateur. 

Aside from the good stuff about lingerie, we also asked Nancy about her more negative experiences with lingerie sets and some brands she would avoid buying from. As us ladies can definitely relate to, a negative experience that Nancy had was when the cups didn’t fit her and there weren’t enough sizes - she could not remember what the brand was specifically - but let’s be honest, it’s still so hard for many of us women to find the “perfect” bra size just like what Nancy has experienced.

Nancy has also given us some advice as a lot of us may struggle with confidence and body image. She believes buying lingerie for ourselves and really buying it for us and not for someone else would be one way to feel good about our bodies and feel more confident. 

To wrap up the interview, we asked a few more questions relating to what Nancy hopes to find in the lingerie industry, and what one piece of lingerie should every girl have in their closet. She hopes for good quality lingerie that are affordable as the industry still continues to sell at insanely expensive prices.  Nancy recommends us ladies to invest in a high quality lace bodysuit!

The last question we asked in this interview is what makes her feel confident and sexy. As we all may relate to her, her answer was, “Guards and stockings.” To Nancy, lingerie is: empowering, sexy, and confident. 

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