LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @StephanieSage_Official

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @StephanieSage_Official

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Good afternoon everyone, how are you all doing today? It’s been such a rainy few days here in New York City, and we’re not living for it. Hate rain! It reminds us of our time back in London where it was always gloomy and that’s not a vibe! We need the sun back to help keep us shining. That said, we have been wearing our best-selling item, the CONDENSATA 20 Tights from @lechery.official in 20 denier. They are super silky, smooth, and shiny! You could purchase yours right now only at www.LECHERYBRAND.com

Today, we have yet another interview to share with you, and that is with our beloved @StephanieSage_Official

Stephanie Sage is from Florida, a student at Purdue University who is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Communications & Public Relations. Sage is a woman of many talents. One that does not only possess such grandeur and beauty, but she is one who speaks with eloquence and wisdom. She is a “Jill of All Trades.” She is a dancer, a poet, an actress, and a plus-sized model. 

Sage describes herself as a woman whose story is different than most. Her unique story starts way back when she was hit hard by the looming threat of eating disorders. Not only that, but Sage has also suffered quite a lot when it comes to her mental health. Her experience of being an adoptee, (Sage was adopted from South America only when she was 9 months old), has enabled her to possess a high-level of empathy for those who have experienced the same ! Despite all the hurdles that Sage has encountered in her life at this point, Sage never gave up. She embraced all the negative experiences she has endured in life and made it a reason to get back up, spread positivity, and have a more positive outlook on life.

In this interview with Sage, we discuss hosiery and lingerie, body-confidence, mental health, eating disorders, and what she hopes to see in the hosiery and lingerie industry. Sage is the epitome of an unabashed woman who uses her platform to be an example of someone who is not a part of the status quo, “the cookie-cutter look of things but to bring my Bettie Page style into the algorithm and into people’s hearts,” as she describes.

To learn more about the fascinating story of @StephanieSage_Official, keep on reading!

Interview with non-conformist @StephanieSage_Official

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

STEPHANIE: Something about me, I love to chat! So, thank you for inviting me to this interview. I am thirty-something Floridian, a student at Purdue University, working on my master’s degree in Communications & Public Relations, I am a Dancer, Poet, and Actress, plus I am a model. My story is different than most since I feel like I advocate for those who might not feel confident and secure and for awareness into such issues as mental health, eating disorders, and individual social issues connected with being an adoptee since I was adopted from South America when I was 9 months old. I have a positive outlook on life and am a “peacemaker” because I have lived through some stressful situations but have learned from it. Plus, I have a background in Psychology and Human Services, so I understand more of what people go through than most’ I am number one at being understanding and compassionate. That is some of the spark of what I do including being a great Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Friend, and bringing some passion into those whom I communicate within my life. I might not have given birth yet (I am a Cat Mom right now), but I sure have been birthing many expressive ideas when it comes to my talent and what I contribute to the world. Oh, I also do energy work and have been reading Tarot since I was a pre-teen.  

LECHERY: We see that you're into hosiery and lingerie, what got you into posting hosiery and lingerie? Tell us more about it

STEPHANIE: What got me into posting hosiery and lingerie is my modeling account but for there to be a different kind of beauty on Instagram, something not of the status quo, the cookie-cutter look of things but to bring my Bettie Page style into the algorithm and into people’s hearts. My photos are an extension of my personality in some ways and I feel that when I post it is truly an art. 

Photo credit: @richrphotography www.richrphotography

LECHERY: What does lingerie mean to you?

STEPHANIE: Lingerie means “All bets are off” and can be the sexiest thing aside to being naked because it gives you confidence, sassiness, and grace all in one. 

I believe that anyone can put on some nice lingerie and create miracles or look great trying! Wearing Lingerie makes me feel like the Goddess that I was always meant to be and am. 

LECHERY: What is the perfect pair of hosiery for you? Or lingerie, if you don't wear hosiery.

STEPHANIE: The perfect lingerie to me are FISHNETS and anything lace that is comfortable such as matching bralettes and baby doll camisole sets. I am all about walking into a room or my room looking like “The Countess” from American Horror Story because she oozes style and grace. The perfect lingerie set should be appealing visually and also comfortable! P.S. if I can’t slip into a sexy baby doll outfit and thong I am always up for wearing fishnets and knee-high socks and nothing else.

LECHERY: As wearing hosiery and lingerie can be seen by the wider-community to be vulgar, how do you react to the negativity? 

STEPHANIE: To me, I try to put it to people this way, that we wear less coming into life and also when we shower. There is nothing wrong with wearing something that is beautiful and also actually serves a purpose too. (Sometimes you need knickers and a bra for support too). 

The people that like to spread negativity honestly are probably not able to let themselves feel happy, or have an open-minded view and thus it makes them actually look bad instead of what they intend to mean.

In the face of haters, I just keep living my life and understand that there is nothing wrong with posing in lingerie. Keep sipping’ on that “hater-ade”. 

LECHERY: We live in a very double standard society, when a man is topless, it is normalized and accepted, but for a woman, she’s hypersexualized and stigmatized. As women, how do you think we should combat this?

STEPHANIE: It appears that some don’t get that woman can show their body and have it be normal, just as breastfeeding shows women too and want to connect it to a bigger evil, which comes down to being hypersexualized and sometimes looked down on.

It makes me upset that people still don’t view their bodies as something as beautiful or normal, that there could be nothing sexy going on either in a normal picture or is vulgar but what we can do about these issues are to...KEEP PRESSING ON, keep posting pictures of our bodies and break the stigmas about it. 

Photo credit: @richrphotography www.richrphotography

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the hosiery and lingerie industry in the future?

STEPHANIE: There should be more options for women who don’t necessarily fit the body type of what the industry is out there. For example, not every “Plus-size” woman is tall and there are actually different shapes to be reflected. It would help to have lingerie that would help compliment a woman’s feature and accommodates all shapes without having the bare minimum selection. Smaller sizes and departments usually get merchandise that is more of a variety. Thankfully, the internet fashion market is opening up with lingerie specifically made for different women (no matter what shape or size) with the option for great looks, but there needs to be a bit of a change still.

Finding hosiery is especially still frustrating being a double-digit size because of the lack of options. I hope overall though, that the hosiery and lingerie industry expand in diversity and acceptance of women. 

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy? 

STEPHANIE: One thing that always makes me feel instantly sexy is my Maybelline Long-Wear Matte Lipstick, Combat Boots, and straightening my bangs. It isn’t always about what you take off but what you can put on first. Sometimes it's me in a cut-up t-shirt and lace cheeky panties too. 

I feel like anything I put on makes me sexy, well aside from khakis. 

LECHERY: What is your advice to other women who struggle with confidence and body-image?

STEPHANIE: For me to answer this question I have to add that I struggled with eating disorders and body image for a lot of my life, especially being an ethnic girl in a small town who was a dancer under 5’0 (still am). I now have some physical things I deal with that will not allow my stomach to be like “abs” and I call it my Pooh-bear belly because it’s not something I can help. I embrace this “pain” and channel it into beauty. I have been 120 lbs and 220lbs before and what really changed for me to feel confident is understanding that get this... “There is NO ONE out there like me.” No one can take that grace away from you because it IS you. 

That is something to be given gratitude and in loving yourself, you also give love to others which is a ripple effect when it comes to making others feel like they also love themselves. It’s been a long process for me to come into accepting my body and myself who I am but I hope that by sharing these pieces of me, it will inspire others to just give themselves a d*mned hug. 

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words:

STEPHANIE: “Ever flowing beauty” and “sound the alarm!”

LECHERY: It is a really tough time in today's world with the whole COVID-19 pandemic going on, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy and healthy?

STEPHANIE: I am a #chronicillnesswarrior so I take extra safety measures right now to keep that way, but I have been channeling my energy into taking care of not only myself, my loved ones but also my art and studies lately. Expanding my outlook and finding something new each day to hold on to that is good. Call me a “Posi-Goth”. 

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Rebecca

    I know Stephanie personally and everything she said is 100 % true. She is an inspiration with her embrace and love yourself attitude. I have has some body issues myself and she inspires me everyday with her posts and wisdom. I’ve come out of my shell alot and I have her to thank for that. We are all beautiful in every shape and form. Feeling comfortable in your own body and loving yourself are so important. She is the true definition of beauty and confidence. Best way to describe her ….a badass in fishnets.

  • Rose Violet

    Steph is an inspiration to women with similar backgrounds and stories. So refreshing to see someone out there doing something outside the box. Gives women hope that things get better and obstacles can be overcome. She is the sweetest person and has a big ❤️ heart.

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