LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Tialilyann

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Tialilyann

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Happy Friday everyone! Who's excited for the weekend? Because we are! After a long week of working, planning, and getting things done - it's time for us to unwind for a little bit! What are your plans for the weekend? Our's is definitely to just relax and communicate with you all more! 

Today, we have an interview with content creator and influencer @Tialilyann. Tia Stringer holds a special place in our hearts simply because this woman has gone through so many things throughout her life who we speak to on the daily for inspiration and support! 

If you were to really delve into her page and her posts, she gives some of the best advice that are so empowering. As a female platform, we feel this is crucial on our day to day lives as we are all about women supporting other women. We really do recommend you giving her a follow as this woman has the potential to become a motivational speaker (which we've asked her to do a podcast, haha). Seriously though, some of the best advice we could ever get as we face our own struggles come from Tia, so reach out to her if you would like to be inspired and motivated! 

From being a teen mom to raising her child alone as a single mother to continuing in pursuing her studies to having her own cleaning business and also managing her time as a content creator and influencer, she is the epitome of unabashed femininity! 

We discovered Tia after seeing the amazing relationship she had with her daughter. Not only is she a loving and caring mother, but she also happens to have a passion for hosiery and lingerie. After seeing the beautiful shoots she posted on her Instagram page, we couldn't help but ask if we could do an interview with this Goddess! This woman exudes nothing but confidence, beauty, femininity, and love.

To learn more about this stunning and gorgeous lady rom England, watch the video below.

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