LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Ndey.Manneh

LECHERY | Interviews With Powerful Women | @Ndey.Manneh

Photo credit: @Tribal_Photography

Good afternoon everyone! Happy Friday! How is everyone doing today? It’s finally time for the weekend! But, before we enjoy our weekends, we will be sharing with you an interview we had with the stunning and gorgeous fashion model, Ndey Manneh @Ndey.Manneh.

U.K. based fashion model, Ndey, graced our presence after seeing the stunning pictures she posts on her platform. From her high fashion editorial shoots to her daily fashion outfits to behind-the-scenes modeling to her beautiful taste in lingerie, there was really no way we could miss the chance in doing an interview with her. 

In this interview, Ndey delightfully discusses how she first started posting content related to lingerie. She states that she wanted to show and encourage her audience/followers that “you don’t have to look for a type of way to feel sexy in hosiery or lingerie because society says so!” To learn more about what this beauty has to say about society and why you should start wearing hosiery & lingerie for yourself and not for anyone else, read on!

Interview with the stunning and gorgeous top fashion model @Ndey.Manneh

LECHERY: First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It is such a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually) of course haha! Let’s first start off by telling us a little bit more about yourself. What do you do?

NDEY: Hiya, my name is Ndey Manneh and I’m a fashion model.

LECHERY: We see that you're into hosiery and lingerie, what got you into posting hosiery and lingerie? Tell us more about it.

NDEY: Honestly, the reason I started posting them was to show and encourage people that you don’t have to look for a type of way to feel sexy in hosiery or lingerie just because society says so!

LECHERY: What does lingerie mean to you? Does it give you confidence? Or is it just something you wear to give an added extra sex appeal? How do you feel when wearing lingerie?

NDEY: Lingerie to me is something I would consider that would give me the time to feel special and sensual and to feel completely within myself for my own amusement and sometimes for my pleasure. “Yes, that’s right”. (Haha) Personally I feel that I do not have to wear lingerie just for someone else and I do not wait for someone else to tell me what to wear. “I WEAR IT FOR ME” and if another person happens to be lucky enough to see it and likes what they see then that is a bonus.  “Oh” it definitely boosts my confidence in accepting my body and loving myself for who I am. 

LECHERY: What is the perfect pair of hosiery for you?

NDEY: My favourites and go to are suspenders, stockings and hold-ups. 

LECHERY: What are your thoughts on women being hypersexualized simply because of wearing lingerie and hosiery?

NDEY: I think it’s nonsense really, because you shouldn’t judge someone simply by what they are wearing.

LECHERY: What do you hope to find in the hosiery and lingerie industry in the future?

NDEY: Seeing more real women embracing their different types of beautiful bodies in lingerie and hosiery.

LECHERY: What type of hosiery should every girl have in their closet? 

NDEY: All of them (Haha) 

LECHERY: What is one thing you would always wear that would make you feel much more confident and sexy? What is your advice to other women who struggle with confidence and body-image?

NDEY: Self-love - that’s where it all starts. 

LECHERY: Describe lingerie to you in three words:

NDEY: Sexy, empowered, confident

LECHERY: It is a really tough time in today's world with the whole COVID-19 pandemic going on, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy and healthy?

NDEY: It definitely has been a tough time for everybody but I’ve been trying to stay active mentally and physically! I’ve been able to reflect on myself and keep myself busy with a routine weather it’s listening to music reading, cooking, walks and just living in my lingeries (Haha).

Photo credit: @Tribal_Photography

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