7 TRULY Inclusive & Affordable Lingerie Brands On LECHERY's Radar | LECHERY NEW YORK

7 TRULY Inclusive & Affordable Lingerie Brands On LECHERY's Radar | LECHERY NEW YORK

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Undergarments are the first thing you put on once you wake up in the morning. It plays a significant role in how we, women, function on a daily basis. Many women from our community have mentioned to us time and time again how lingerie is what enables them to manifest their own sexuality, femininity, and sensuality. 

No outfit is complete without lingerie and you should invest in the right brands who are not only affordable but who are also making an impact in women’s lives through the message they convey. Whether it be body-positivity, accessibility, functionality, or more shades of nude, these are all factors to how we as women should invest our hard earned money. 

Lingerie is the closest thing that touches our skin; it is crucial to invest in good quality lingerie as they can make or break our mood. While you have probably found the most suitable lingerie brand that fits you, we’re here to try and convince you that it’s time for you to explore new ones too! As lockdown continues, now is really the time for you to revamp your lingerie collection with these demure, inclusive, high quality, and elegant brands on LECHERY’s radar. 

7 TRULY Inclusive & Affordable Lingerie Brands On LECHERY's Radar 

1. Naja

Naja is a brand that we absolutely love! Their brand’s ethos is one that resonates with us so well. Launched in 2014, this brand emphasizes on social consciousness from production to consumption through high quality and sustainable vegan and eco-friendly bras, underwear, and swimwear. 

Our favorite would be their selection of unlined bras, specifically the Chloe which is priced at only $52.00 with very intricate lace details! 

2. Mindd

With the founder’s long experience in the lingerie industry, Helena was unable to find the perfect bra for her own 36DDD cup until she launched her very own brand, Mindd. This brand is making strides as they create a collection of bras that, “a D+ woman could wear to feel comfortable and beautiful all day long.” 

Their High Rise Cheeky Brief grabbed our attention at only $18.00! 

3. Curls & Curves Lingerie

If you haven’t been following us on Instagram, you should know by now who Curls & Curves Lingerie is. LECHERY and Curls & Curves Lingerie did a free give-away together, and we must say, this all inclusive and body-positivity brand is one to look out for! 

We love their Plus Size Black Sheer Lace Dress Sleepwear Gown priced at only $38.19!

4. Lace of Love

Recommended by LECHERY Lady @TheJudgeMaggie, Lace of Love is a brand that is now on our radar. They specialize in bras in D+ cup sizes for full-figured and plus-size females. Another amazing thing this brand offers is their professional bra fitting services!

From a quick glance on their website, the Bronze Charlotte Padded Bra seems like the epitome of luxury and sexy! These retail at only $42! 

5. Abigail Walker Lingerie

Abigail Walker Lingerie. A brand that we know for sure will go a long way in the near future. With just less than a year in the industry, this brand truly resonates with us. The brand creates ‘lingerie as outerwear’ and also a brand that seeks to make women feel powerful, sensual, and fiercely feminine as opposed to objectifying them. 

With their wide array of lingerie products, our favorite would be their new Love Loungewear collection which only retails from £26 - £32! 

6. Slick Chicks

Designed for all women and known for their patented side-fastening design, this brand is a game changer in the lingerie industry. With their specialty in creating underwear that is accessible and convenient for everyone to put whether they are sitting, standing, or laying down, this is a brand we are certainly proud of! 

Their brief panties are a must, and at $26.00, these are a no-brainer! Get yours now! 

7. Lonely

Based in New Zealand, this brand caught our attention after going over their shop. With the focus on creating lingerie for women who treat lingerie as a form of self-love, this is a brand like no other!

Though a little pricey at $90, their Kiki Underwire Bra Vista got us hooked! 

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