Responding to Quora Threads (Part 1) | LECHERY NEW YORK

Responding to Quora Threads (Part 1) | LECHERY NEW YORK

Quora. The one-stop place to answer all the interesting questions you have whether it be asking online strangers, “what does it feel like to eat a book?”” or If someone says to “bring a buttload of the stuff,” how much should you bring? How much is "a buttload" precisely, in terms of a numerical measurement? or our topic of the day, “What’s the Point of Wearing Lingerie?” You’ll find answers to practically any question you have. We decided to go through a few interesting threads on Quora about lingerie and we must say, we were amazed by what we found. 

The first thread we stumbled upon was “What's the point of wearing lingerie if it's always been taken off?” Just like what we expected the first few responses would be - an undergarment worn to entice, seduce, and get men excited when it’s time for sex. 

Let’s go over some of the ones we found.

Though we don’t want to always associate lingerie with sex, to a certain extent we do agree with Debbie. We as women can’t deny it. Lingerie is sexy. Men love it. Is it great for foreplay? Hell yeah! Should we always wear it for the purpose of getting men excited? Definitely not! This is when we would want to elaborate on this Quora response - there are more than two reasons why we wear lingerie! There’s no point in wearing lingerie if you can’t feel good or sexy in them alone other than the functional aspect associated with it - which is also very important (don’t get us wrong). But, it’s important to know that lingerie is more than foreplay, sex, and all the arousing ideas associated with it. If we can edit Debbie’s response, we would add in these reasons and what lingerie represents - femininity, boldness, romance, strength, confidence, acceptance, beauty, comfort, and self-love - this is why we continue to wear lingerie today. 

Now from a man’s perspective, he describes lingerie as a way to “make” or “break” a romantic experience. A little skeptical at first based on Mr. Todd Simpson’s profile, but his answer surprisingly does resonate with us. It’s interesting how he used McDonald’s as an analogy for lingerie and sex. Understanding where he’s coming from, it definitely makes sense. Eating McDonald’s on a nice plate with a beautiful table setting would be a rather more exciting experience as opposed to eating McDonald’s from a styrofoam takeout box. Similar to wearing high quality and stunning lingerie sets, when it’s time to get intimate with your partner, the overall experience gets much better for you and your partner.  

So thanks Todd for having one of the more decent responses on this thread. Let’s just hope he wasn’t hungry for the wrong reasons *laughs.*

Dekilah’s response seemed to be what we were gearing more toward when we said that, “there are many more reasons why we wear lingerie.” From this response, you can clearly understand how many of us women do not only wear lingerie for intimate reasons. Wearing intimate apparel alone can be just as good as what Todd described when you’re with your partner. For Dekilah, and for many women, including myself, it’s a lot of fun wearing gorgeous lingerie pieces and photographing yourself in it. There shouldn’t be anything wrong if it helps you feel sexy and feminine in them. And a lot of times, we get labeled for things we are not - when ultimately wearing lingerie is a way of self-love and discovering ourselves. 

In a nutshell, there are a myriad of reasons why women continue to wear lingerie regardless if it’s for sexual reasons or not. What’s important to take note on is that lingerie is more than the labels we often get associated with. Lingerie goes beyond an undergarment we wear in the bedroom, it sets the experience and journey to self-discovery and womanhood. 

For you ladies, “What’s the Point of Wearing Lingerie?”  Let us know down the comments section below! 


“What's the point of wearing lingerie if it's always been taken off?”

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