Quotes by our dear LECHERY Ladies

“When I put on my lingerie, I feel like a BOSS.”

- @Chxnk_

“I feel more feminine than ever. I feel at the very height of my powers, as if lingerie helped me to bring out the most beautiful side of me.”

- @Celinegene

“Lingerie is the ultimate feminine garment. It’s a reflection of my own femininity.”

- @Electriclaetyland

“Lingerie is art. There’s nothing bad about wearing sexy underwear.”

- @Litte_lass_

“People think it’s just underwear, and to some extent that’s true, but I think it’s also a great way to reflect the multidimensional layers of your personality.”

- @_Notyourwaifu_

“I feel a lot more confident. I feel I’m myself and able to show off my tattoos which portray a story.”

- @Theinkedelf

“I started to realize and understand that a woman's body is not profane, but something that is lovely. I feel that lingerie amplifies that feeling for me: it’s very liberating to wear something so revealing and form-fitting and think to myself ‘Hell yea, I’m sexy as f*ck, and that’s completely acceptable and okay!’”

- @Aonele

“If you like modeling with your whole body covered, do it, if you like modeling nude, do it. You can’t let others' opinions make who you are.”

- @Lexyreptiles

“Our bodies and self-care are our biggest assets. Practicing self-care is much more than showing our bodies, it’s the way we live, eat, and take care of ourselves.”

- @Anabelleworld

“I feel very passionately about great fitting lingerie and swimwear! Wearing a good quality bra with an amazing fit can really transform the way you look and feel!”

- @Vanessa_ball

“I hope for more sustainability. Lingerie industry needs to catch up with swimwear because there are some amazing options for sustainable swimwear but not that many in lingerie.”

- @Lolilaneova

“Deep down every woman wants to feel sexy with confidence no matter how she looks. This is a right that no one should take away from you.”

- @Thick_and_curly

“But if you accept yourself, you won’t regret it, because with self-acceptance comes self-love and then self-improvement.”

- @Roethabarbie

“I would love to see more athleisure style lingerie out there in the future, definitely not workout wear, but still inspired by the comfort and functionality of that style.”

- @Hayley.dynamo

“I like to wear sweaters with cotton slips… Very virgin girl next door look.”

- @Elisabellareal

“I think lingerie is great for adding sex appeal or self confidence. I really believe that what you wear can affect your mood so if you want to feel a certain way, dressing a certain way can definitely help with that.”

- @Fionnac

“Wearing lingerie makes me feel confident and realize that there is a woman inside me that no one would ever know.”

- @Laracaixetta

“I would like the industry to be more open to plus size. It is still really hard to find plus size lingerie and the body shaming is still really present in the industry.”

- @Unabelgamexicana

“Depending on my mood is what decides my lingerie choice for the day.”

- @Nancymoeller_

“One tidbit of advice from Dita Von Teese I love is to look up to people who share the same body type. I tend to follow women on social media with similar “assets” to me so that I can see how certain clothing would fit and get inspiration for workouts and eating well.”

- @Maddiepocks

“As a lipstick lesbian we are ALWAYS hypersexualized, and when I post the pictures of myself in lingerie I feel like I am taking back that power. I am saying, “I know I am strong, sexy, and powerful. I don’t need the validation of a man to tell me that.” It is absolutely a form of self-care; it reminds me of my strength.”

- @Moskill 

“I bought some fishnet tights on Instagram a while back and within minutes of putting them on they had ripped and a massive hole was in them which was a shame as they were pricey, I wouldn’t say avoid them as they do some lovely stuff but always be careful of the material that you buy as some easily rip and you don’t want to waste your money on something you only wear once.”

- @Antoniashanley_x