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Disclaimer: this is solely based on my experience and my thoughts. I am not here to hurt or offend anyone. If you feel like this blog post is denigrating what it means to be a woman and feminism, then this blog post isn’t for you. I am all about female empowerment and feminism regardless of how a woman chooses to present herself. These are my tips and tricks for you to be noticed by good men and not by any man. 

Sure enough, hosiery can entice men. Based on my previous blog posts where I talk about My Quick Encounter with a Rich Man & His Fetish and Men and their Pantyhose Fetishes, there is a recurring topic here: men. However, I want to stress upon the fact that not all men fetishize women who enjoy wearing hosiery. There are actually quite a number of men who simply think women in hosiery represents beauty/femininity and not vulgarity. In this blog post, I will be recommending 3 affordable items you can wear with hosiery on a daily basis that would capture the attention of high-caliber men who will respect you, support you, and care for you.

1. The Pencil Skirt

Red Pencil Skirt, Flickr // Public Domain

The pencil skirt is a must ladies! There is nothing more elegant than a traditional pencil skirt paired with some nude or black tights. It speaks of femininity, elegance, and class. I recommend investing in a good quality black pencil skirt for the cooler months of the year and white or pastel pink during the summer. You can trust me on this ladies, I have tons of high-caliber male friends (probably more than female friends *laughs*) who have told me that seeing a woman in a fitted and tailored pencil skirt that accentuates her curves definitely gets their attention. Pencil skirts also complement with any type of hosiery whether it be stockings, hold ups, or tights. Also ladies, I recommend pencil skirts that are knee-length and made of silk satin or nylon/spandex stretch for breathability - anything shorter can be seen as trying “too hard” by these men. Here are some recommendations J.Crew Womens No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Stretch Twill and ASOS DESIGN High Waisted Pencil Skirt.

2. The Skirt with a Mini Side Slit

The Skirt with a Mini Side Slit, Gumac // Public Domain

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Anything that reveals the skin can attract any man. But, to attract the right man, there are some limitations to how much skin we can reveal as women. Although I love to be revealing for different occasions, I get so much attention from high-caliber men when I wear my skirts with a mini side slit and pair them with sheer lace tights. There’s something about slit skirts and lace tights that these men like. I have been told it gives an added sex appeal without being “too much” and gives the idea that the woman can be elegant with a subtle hint of flirtatiousness. The ones I wear come from IRO but these can come off a little bit pricey for many women, here are some affordable alternatives I would recommend: The Lola Mini Skirt White and Side Slit Mini Skirt.

3. The Pleated Skirt

Pleated Black Skirt, Pikrepo // Public Domain

Last but not least the pleated skirt. Although these can come a little too formal during the summer months (like right now in NYC), this type of skirt is still a staple piece to pair your elegant hosiery with! For this one, I would go a little shorter (which means you can go above the knees) since they aren’t as structured as the other two. Pleated skirts are the perfect night time skirts to pair with SIMPLE and PLAIN hosiery. The main reason I wouldn’t recommend wearing lace or printed tights with pleated skirts is because it can come off “overdone.” A lot of high-caliber men know if a woman is being too much and sadly, these can be a turn off for them. The pleats are already what’s making the outfit look more exciting but the simple and plain sheer tights is what completes the look. I recommend investing in pleated skirts that are made of chiffon or polyester as they appear delicate and luxurious looking. Here are some pleated skirts I would recommend at very affordable price points: H&M Pleated Skirt, Like a Pro Pleated Mini Skirt or if you want something that is longer (which can also appear elegant) you can buy something similar to these from Zara.

Again ladies, these are based off of my experience with high quality men who I have dated all across the globe. I have gotten a lot of compliments from these types of men when wearing these types of skirts with my hosiery. There are so many ways to attract men with hosiery, but if you want to elevate the type of men you attract, these are a few tips & tricks you can use to be with a man who is not going to fetishize you but respect you.

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