About Us

LECHERY - A New York City-based hosiery company, founded on the premise of empowering its customers with elegant, affordable, and versatile products that feel like a "second-skin". While LECHERY products are for everyone who wears hosiery, the initial impetus for founding the company was helping those who would benefit from a feeling of "fashion armor", particularly victims of sexual abuse. Vyra Scher, the Founder, a sexual abuse survivor herself, discovered that wearing hosiery gave her a feeling of protection, safety, and attractiveness. She quickly developed a strong passion for them, incorporating a different pair with every outfit. Due to her personal struggle of finding hosiery that were both high-quality and affordable, LECHERY was established to provide the same feeling of protection and “second-skin” to all hosiery wearers, regardless of their gender identity, income, and background.

Hosiery has always been known for being a “single-use” piece of fashion. Aside from being cost prohibitive for those who enjoy wearing hosiery regularly, single-use fashion is needlessly detrimental to the environment. This is why LECHERY is committed to becoming the first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focused hosiery company in the United States – eager to create hosiery for all and an eco-friendly supply chain – ready to democratise and disrupt an industry that is wasteful and sexist. LECHERY’s approach and commitment to ESG is centered around two “Our Desire for a Better Future” pillars: Loving Our People and Protecting Our Environment.

Loving Our People

LECHERY is committed to creating hosiery for both women and men regardless of their gender identity, income, and background. Hosiery companies have traditionally targeted women. At LECHERY, we made sure we do not conform to this tradition by having to feature men wearing hosiery throughout our website, community pages, and social media. Men have worn hosiery for many different reasons. The primary reason being that many men wear hosiery for pain management as they are more prone to medical conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

Not only do we care about inclusivity, but we also are committed to maintaining industry-leading working conditions and labour practices at our factory in Italy. Italy is home to strict regulations and laws when it comes to creating a safe and ergonomic workplace. Our factory workers are provided with supplemental benefits including onsite medical health care, vaccination, parental leave, subsidized meals, and free transportation.

Protecting Our Environment

From an environmental perspective, LECHERY has always been committed to using sustainable methods of production. Every year, approximately more than 100,000,000kg of hosiery end up in landfills. With this in mind, our Company is proud to have partnered with a factory in Italy who pursued the path of Green Production since 2017. This involves using less energy during the production process, offering biodegradable yarns, and recycling left-over yarns. Any left-over yarns are turned into fibers that allow us to create our eco-friendly collection: Intricata, Iluzie, and Selvaggia tights. Along with that, we only use refined double covered Lycra yarns for each product through our own unique 3D manufacturing process, giving LECHERY hosiery a stretch, fit, and level of durability that others can’t. This prolongs the shelf-life of our products from three wears to nine wears, slowing the rate of hosiery ending up in landfills.

Our ESG Journey

Though we are not a 100% ESG-hosiery company as of yet, all the ESG practices we follow currently are rudimentary to becoming disruptors of an industry that have deeply fragmented supply chains and only favour women. LECHERY is dedicated to giving every consumer the chance to incorporate sensuous, luxury hosiery into their lives, while also conserving the environment through sustainable practices, and in turn, to feel the strength, boldness, and protection that comes with the perfect pair of hosiery.

To learn more about our Green Manufacturing process and our initiative, LECHERY SUSTAINABILITY, click here.