Disclaimer: this blog post isn’t supposed to offend or bash men. This is only for the purpose of educating and sharing our experiences on the different types of men who have approached us through our DM’s. We have cut out the usernames of these accounts for privacy reasons as we respect and value the privacy of these accounts regardless of how they act toward us. 

If you’re a woman who posts content in lingerie or hosiery, this may come at no surprise for you: men’s DM’s. For whatever reason, it seems like when a woman decides to start showing herself in lingerie or hosiery, men are not satisfied with commenting on a women’s lingerie/hosiery post simply alone. Men want to shoot their shot by DM’ing, in hopes he would experience the crème de la crème of a woman. On the other hand, for us, women, checking our DM’s can be either funny, interesting, or scary at times. In this article, we will be going through some of the DM’s we and our fellow LECHERY ladies have received from men and telling you why YOU should be checking your DM’s instead of ignoring them!

When looking over our DM’s, there seems to be varying ways men would approach us. This is what makes it so interesting for us at LECHERY, analyzing how men think and act to achieve their one goal: the woman. As you read on, we shed light on the 5 different types of men you would encounter in your DM’s if you’re a woman who posts lingerie/hosiery content (with examples), so you too can be on the lookout! 

5 Types of Men You’ll Encounter in Your DM’s

1. The Desperate Dude

If you’re having a bad day and you just want to have a good laugh, checking your DM’s might just be the perfect temporary cure. Whether it be seeing how men react to your stories or making certain sexual requests, there’s always something to laugh about! Here are a few we got from a man who we describe as the Desperate Dude. Lol!

Clearly this dude doesn’t know what he wants and we don’t either. We can’t provide him “bobs.” But there’s so many things we can show him like love, kindness, and positivity! But, he seems like he’s desperate for “bobs” when he could really just use Google for that, no? 

Photo Credit: “Bob's - Caxias Shopping” by Eduardo P is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This is what we got and perhaps we’ll actually show it to him (hopefully he reads this article lol).

You’ll know he’s the desperate kind once he slides into your DM’s with a “Hello sexy girl.” Honestly, we find this flattering because all women are sexy! 

2. The Commenter

The Commenter is actually the least problematic among all the men we face. He’s the man who would engage with your posts when you post a beautiful picture of you in lingerie/hosiery or whatever it may be. He’s also the type who would like every post, so he’s really valuable when it comes to engagement!

As you can see, we aren’t all that bothered with this particular person. He was really nice to be honest!

3. The Sugar Daddy

We're sure all of you have encountered this man. This man is the most dangerous but can also be the most helpful for many women. You might be asking, why’s he dangerous? Well, it’s because you shouldn’t trust him. The Sugar Daddy could be misleading, demanding, and threatening. We don’t want that! For the women who found reliable ones, well lucky you!

Here are a few DM's from The Sugar Daddy, we weren’t serious with him and we don’t trust any man on our DM’s (except our friends, of course) so we decided to just get on with his scheme.

This so-called Sugar Daddy from Florida introduced himself by sliding into our DM’s. We were cordial at first since he approached us in a very friendly manner - until he sent us this. He was looking for a sugar baby in which he wanted to also pay her debts and bills with an additional $1500 every week - seems like a really good guy, no? Well, keep on reading.

He then asked for our cashtag, for those who are unfamiliar with it, it is similar to a username for individuals/businesses using the Cash App. It seems like he’s legit right? Well, we know how accounts like these work, and they are scammers, to be frank. You shouldn’t be giving your cashtag to someone just like that! Read on as we prove why.

Just as we expected, it seemed too good to be true, and he wanted something in exchange in order to prove our commitment by sending him $50 to his Cash App account. What an imbecile. Ladies, please do not ever fall for these scammers! They aren’t real sugar daddies! And, don't judge us cause we called him "daddy." It was part of the scheme! 

He then showed us a picture of a “sugar baby” getting her payment with a sign saying that she received her payment through this “sugar daddy.” Obviously, another tactic these scammers try to use. Commitment and loyalty is not earned through paying a man!  

4. The Horny Man

The Horny Man is one that you can’t really avoid. They seem to be everywhere whether it’s on Instagram or in person *laughs*. If you’re not looking for any relationships and you’re into some pleasurable time for sexting, then they could possibly be used to your benefit. Though we haven’t sexted with anyone on Instagram, we will share some DM’s that will help you figure out if the type of man DM’ing you is considered the Horny Man or not.

It seems pretty obvious right? No further explanation needed! 

The next few DM’s come from LECHERY lady @itschloe_official who also has a page showcasing weird DM’s she gets from guys @weirdguysoninsta.

Yup, we can totally relate with Chloe - quite triggering when a man talks to a woman like this, no?

When he has the audacity to even say that she cares about his nudes. Literally going to barf!

And of course, when the Horny Man wants the crème de la crème. Sorry, but no. 

More from our DM's that made us laugh! 

5. Mr. Fetish 

We’ve spoken about this type of man too many times on our blog. To sum it all up, this is him.


Well that's it from us ladies! We might do a series on this as we get TONS of DM's similar to these on the daily. With that said, we wanted to ask you, what type of men have approached you in your DM’s? Do you ignore them or do you actually tease them? Let us know!

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