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Stressed? Not feeling good about yourself? Feeling like you’re missing out on the fun while your friends are enjoying their time in the French Riviera or Italian Riviera? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that you can have some fun too even if it means staying at home, alone! As the pandemic and lockdown measures continue, it seems like you can only do so much at home. But, let’s try to be resourceful here! 

One common trend we have been seeing on Instagram lately (which we know have been going on for quite some time now), more prevalent than ever before, is modeling in front of the camera without a photographer. This is probably one of the most challenging things to do right now for a model, but what more, if you’re a lingerie enthusiast who is inexperienced and just wants to look cute in photos but don’t have a clue how? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can definitely get that Instagram worthy shot through 5 tips while in social isolation without prior experience. 

5 Tips to Take the Perfect Lingerie Photos During Social Isolation! 

1. Time of the Day/Lighting/Direction of Light Source

Having to work with many photographers and having a few photographer friends, we have been told the importance of lighting to get the perfect image. Lighting is what essentially sets the mood and tone for every image. When it comes to lingerie shoots, this means that finding the best lighting will help accentuate your best assets! Yes ladies, as much as it stinks to figure out where the right light source is, this will transform your images leaving men and women in awe! Only to know that you’re the photographer and model at the same time! 

One crucial advice we would like to give is that you should position yourself somewhere near a light source such as the window. This will provide you natural light. So what does that mean? That means having to move your couch, your bed, or your wooden chair, or whatever prop you are using next to the window! 

2. A Clean Background

They say, “Less is More,” correct? Well, the same applies for lingerie shoots. Get rid of all the distractions in the background. We wouldn’t want to see posters laying on your walls or cosmetic products shown on your dresser in the background. We suggest having to do a boudoir photoshoot with a white clean wall, white crisp sheets on the bed, or the bathtub with your best type of bath soap in the back. You get it, less distraction in the background, the better the photo! 

3. Knowing Your Good Side

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. But, knowing your good side could really help elevate your lingerie photo(s) and avoid any frustrations you have on why you may think your photos are not turning out the way you want it to be. If you know which side of your face/body has the more prominent and better features, focus on those. 

4. Explore Other Body Parts

You might be thinking we’re contradicting ourselves, since we literally just said focus on the good side, but, what we meant by exploring other body parts is by taking photos of certain body parts and not just your whole body. This means taking a photo of your foot in a pair of stilettos, having your legs up against the air with heels, or your waist wrapped with garter straps. The key here is to really just experiment at your own pace! No pressure! You don’t always necessarily need to focus on the lingerie itself. The vibe, tone, and mood matters too! 

5. Loosen Up & Don’t Be Stiff! 

If you’ve watched any of the Next Top Model T.V. show series, one big takeaway from the show is to loosen up and don’t be stiff. This means, you shouldn’t be too tense when you’re posing and should strike a pose and look as natural as possible!

Well, that’s it ladies! These are our 5 Tips to Take the Perfect Lingerie Photos During Social Isolation! 

With that said, we wanted to ask you, how have you been taking your lingerie/hosiery images? Have you been taking them alone with a phone and a timer or with your partner? We’d love to know! 

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