I remember the time when I was younger, I would wear a pair of black pantyhose with a few lace detailing on it for the sake of covering my legs and looking more modest. Men would stare, women would compliment me, and I would feel empowered. It was through the elegant lace details, the glossy sheer see-through fabric, the feeling of lust and lechery, the compliments, the stares, molding into one that created my desire for hosiery. My relationship with hosiery continues to this day.

From there, I have tried on, collected, and threw (yes, not very sustainable of me before but now I repurpose) different pairs of hosiery. Sometimes, I like to keep it mundane by wearing a pair of 100 denier black pantyhose especially during the cooler months, whereas other times, I would wear a pair of hold ups from the finest quality of Italian lace embellished with sequins - this is when I feel the most confident, most feminine, and most sensual. 

Hosiery is art. There’s no denying that. When you wear art, you become the show. Who doesn’t want to be one? There are so many styles and so many more reasons why I continue to push women to wear hosiery. Similar to how we dress up on a daily basis, your choice of hosiery can really define your mood. You can be sweet by wearing a pair of colored tights in the day or you can be that femme fatale by wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings with garters in the night. This is what makes hosiery such a life-changing item for me, it creates the juxtaposition of the many moods I have as a woman. 

Though people often associate hosiery to fetishes, it continues to be more than that for me. Sure, there is no denying that I love it when men’s jaws drop as they look at my legs when I walk the streets of Fifth Avenue matched with a pair of 4-inch stilettos. But, there’s something about hosiery which enables me to explore a side that I never thought I had especially in this toxic society we are all a part of: unabashed femininity. I feel at the height of my powers when I see my legs accentuated through the sheerness or opaqueness of hosiery. People may think that wearing hosiery is the sole reason as to why women would get disrespected but actually it acts more of an armour protecting me against the vile judgements of society. People will continue to judge with or without hosiery. It’s just a matter of how you react toward it. When wearing hosiery, I tend to resort to elegance, grace, and femininity - that’s when it works in my favor.  There’s nothing like wearing hosiery that makes me feel more comfortable when stepping out of my home. Hosiery will always be a part of my daily outfits, my womanhood, and my inner being. So, the next time you ask me “What’s Up With You and Hosiery?” this is what’s up. 



    I love wearing the glossy look prefer colored ones like blue, red, purple etc. I wear only as fashion am a str8 male and think wearing hosiery is unisex for all to enjoy the fashion look.

  • Ron

    I love wearing men’s silky pantyhose the ones with the nylon cock sleeve the way it makes my cockfeel oh the sensation I like wearing them they ate very comfortable n sexy feeling

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