For the longest time, we have been asked why LECHERY? Isn’t that something that’s negative? Well, we’re here to explain why it is not. The word LECHERY can be interpreted in multiple ways. Before we get bashed with the negative connotations associated with LECHERY which is defined as “excessive or offensive sexual desire; lustfulness,” on dictionary.com, we emphasize that we only want to spread positivity. Our brand and forum has always been dedicated to having a positive impact toward people’s lives. To us, the key words that stood to us from the “true” definition of LECHERY is desire. As a brand and online platform, we feel that everyone has the right to feel desired regardless of gender, race, color, size, and shape. No one needs to feel alienated for wearing hosiery or lingerie simply because society has preconceived notions about those who enjoy wearing them. This is what made LECHERY be what it is now, a brand for those who want to explore their absolute sensuality through our hosiery without having to be associated with any stigmas.