Photographer: Tatiana Antonova of @Antonova_photography

Model: @Iraofficial

Seasons have changed, spring is over, summer is in. It’s time to do the same with our lingerie essentials! Now that we are in the month of July, it seems like it is just the right time to start investing in new pairs of underwear. Yes ladies, we have to! As the sun starts to beat down on us and the sticky air touches our skin, all we need is to feel comfortable with ourselves, and we have the perfect solution for you: French knickers.

French knickers may have been long abandoned by many women due to the advent of the thong which gives us that “naked feeling” when we’re in them. What’s even more miserable is knowing that there is a hype revolving around cotton briefs (which we absolutely think looks hideous, no offense), so we can’t help but ask ourselves, why are French knickers not getting the same attention? They look more elegant, sexier, and feminine! Well, read on as we shed light on 5 simple reasons why French knickers should be revived and be your most worn underwear this summer!

5 Reasons Why French Knickers Are Perfect For This Summer 

1. They give you a little bit of tummy support

As lockdown begins to ease, some women may be looking for ways to give their tummies a little bit of support when they go out on the beach. And you know what? French knickers are your best tummy support underwear option as they are high-waisted. Also, French knickers can be the comfortable and safer alternative to shape-wears/waist trainers/corsets if you think those do not do justice for your bodies.

2. They look elegant and feminine

With briefs becoming the trendiest lingerie item to date, French knickers will always be ranked first when it comes to elegance and femininity. The silkiness, the intricate lace designs, the flow of the fabric, and so forth, all these can really elevate one’s feminine spirit. French knickers are your go-to item if you want to feel like a princess. 

3. They remain a classic lingerie item 

Lingerie trends come and go. However, French knickers will always remain timeless and a staple piece for every woman’s wardrobe. It’s sad that they are overlooked, but hopefully this article will change your mind about them. 

4. They are silky and soft 

In times when there is a combination of heat and humidity, all we need is a perfect pair of silky French knickers as they can flow on our skin like a feather. Don’t you just want to feel that? Cause we certainly do!

5. They are the perfect item to be accompanied by A-line and flared skirts, (hosiery ladies, I’m talking to you).

Due to their design, French knickers can add bulk to our skirts. So, if you’re a hosiery lover who enjoys wearing skirts and tights together, wearing French knickers will give you that added shape you’re looking for!

With that being said ladies, we hope these 5 simple reasons helped convince you to reevaluate your thoughts on an item that has been overlooked by many women as they deserve more attention than ever, especially this summer!

If these 5 reasons don’t help, well, we’re giving you some French knicker inspirations that will! Thank you to all the ladies who submitted their images to us!

Photo credit: @Xamiaarc

Photo credit: @Gabardineandcream

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Model: @Lunabella.brudiu

Photographer: Tatiana Antonova of @Antonova_photography

Model: @Iraofficial

Now question for you, what do you think of French knickers? Would you choose thongs over French knickers? Or vice versa? We would love to hear your thoughts!




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