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Whenever I would go to get my next purchase of tights, the question of whether I should get shiny or matt tights or BOTH, can be quite daunting. For one, shiny could make your legs look longer, smoother, and at times can enhance your curves. Whereas matt, it gives you that natural, laid back, and effortless look. Both really describe my aesthetic in fashion, but one of them grabs more attention than the other when I wear them. So, the question remains, which one would I pick? 

Well, let’s see. Before I could give you my final answer, it’s important to distinguish what’s the difference between the two finishes and to identify their pros and cons.

For anyone who is just starting out to be a hosiery lover, this blog post is for you. For those who are already hosiery lovers, I hope you can agree with me!

There are many types of finishes when it comes to hosiery, but the two most prevalent ones are matt and shiny finishes. Identifying which one is which is pretty easy. Hosiery with a matt finish do not have a shine or sheen on them as opposed to shiny finishes, its name already gives it away, they’re shiny. 

Now the pros and cons. Some of the pros about shiny finishes is that they give your legs a softer outline, make your legs appear much longer than they actually are, give that impression of silk/oil against the skin, and it just gives you that overall luxurious vibe. On the other hand, shiny finishes can be a little pressuring to wear especially if you wear ones that are too sheer. This is because you could almost see each and every mark/bruise on your skin through the tights. So, my recommendation? If you’re prone to bruising, I wouldn’t recommend shiny finishes unless you don’t mind exposing your marks. 

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What about matt finishes? If I could describe matt finish as a girl, it would be that girl who enjoys being modest but still have that subtle sex appeal. She’s sweet, but she’s not going to reveal everything all at once. You better earn her trust so you can be with her. That’s how I feel at least when I wear matt finishes. It gives my legs that smooth, bare, and natural look. They go with any outfit, and are more appropriate for women who are in the corporate environment. Matt finishes are all about the “less is more” and minimalist approach. If you’re saying all these things, then, what are their cons? They don’t get much attention that I would get from shiny finishes.

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I sort of hinted it out already which I prefer. But ultimately, it really depends on the mood you are going for. I repeat this time and time again, and I will repeat myself AGAIN, my moods can juxtapose with one another. I can be subtle and modest one day, and I can be flamboyant and daring another day. So, if you would really ask me which one I would pick? I would get both. It’s just better to have an array of options when it comes to your hosiery collection. 

Here are some shiny and matt tights that are recommended by hosiery lovers, including myself.


1. Falke Seidenglatt 15 DEN Women Tights

2. Wolford Neon 40 Tights

3. Trasparenze Brigitte Shiny Tights

4. Miss O Sheer Gloss Open Crotch Tights

5. GERBE Sunlight 15 Tights


1. Cecilia de Rafael - Classic matt tights Gemini 20 denier

2. Calzedonia - 20 Denier Sheer Matte Tights

3. Tabio - 30-denier Premium Sheer Tights


5. FOGAL All Nude 10 Denier Tights In Capri

This leaves me asking you LECHERY ladies… If you were to purchase your next pair of hosiery, which type of finish would you go for? Comment down below! 


  • Daniel Roerick

    It depends. As a man, when wearing tights with shorts in public, I feel much more comfortable with matt tights. However, I prefer shiny ones when wearing under long jeans as the most shiny ones are smoother / more slippery so that the jeans can “run” over them much better than over matt ones. My recent order of LECHEREY were matt ones, so you could guess how I am planning to wear them :-)

  • JefferyEnare

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