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The world is changing, but the ideas and myths associated with hosiery still remains the same. Circulated myths about hosiery is something we as a hosiery & lingerie platform feels the need to debunk. We need to find ourselves full of excitement when discussing hosiery and not see ourselves talking about it for the purpose of having it seen as an undergarment only worn for the male (and sometimes female) gaze. Hosiery is worn for many reasons, and we’re ready to battle the people who keep making these nasty assumptions about hosiery lovers. 

Myth 1 - Hosiery is only worn for sex.

False! Time and time again, we get this a lot. "You can only wear hosiery when you want to be intimate with someone because it’s considered to be a “fetish.”" This is what infuriates us! It’s not only worn for sex or to entice someone. Hosiery is worn for many different reasons such as to treat varicose veins, swollen ankles, and cellulite. They are also worn to make a woman’s leg appear longer, elevate a woman’s personality and confidence, and explore a woman’s femininity. There are a myriad of reasons why we would wear hosiery and not only for so-called “intimate” reasons. 

Myth 2 - Hosiery is old fashioned and outdated.

Wow! If hosiery is old fashioned and outdated, please tell that to the biggest names in Hollywood. A-list celebrities and royalties continue to wear hosiery to complete their outfit. If you’re thinking hosiery is old-fashioned and outdated, you probably aren’t keeping up with the latest trends with logo printed and animal printed tights. Who’s outdated now?

Myth 3 - Hosiery is only worn by the wealthy. 

Another myth we get a lot is that it’s only worn by the wealthy. Hosiery can be costly which might give you the idea that it’s only worn by the wealthy. We aren’t telling you to start your first hosiery collection with a pair of Wolford’s, you can start off with some amazing Made in Italy brands like Calzedonia, Calzitaly, and Wooti to name a few. They cost a fraction of the price of Wolfords with similar quality! Trust us, hosiery is for all walks of life and once you get into it, you’ll never regret it! 

Myth 4 - Hosiery has no purpose. 

Where are you getting these myths from? Hosiery has so many purposes! Many women who have varicose veins or swollen ankles choose to wear compression hosiery to treat them. Along with that, it also helps us gain confidence and elevate our self-esteem. Us, at LECHERY, know this based on experience! Hosiery plays a vital role in our mental health! 

Myth 5 - Hosiery is for vulgar women. 

Perhaps, the most popular myth we hear all the time: hosiery is for vulgar women. This is one of the main reasons why we even launched this digital platform to stop labelling women based on what they wear. This is certainly untrue! Hosiery is not for vulgar women. We do not even know what triggered this myth but we really want it to stop! Yes, hosiery has been associated with fetishes and we women who love hosiery have to bear with this every single time we wear them! Nevertheless, this does not mean we are vulgar AT ALL! Women who wear hosiery come from all different backgrounds. Hosiery is a lifestyle. Hosiery is an item that can uplift a woman to become more confident, elegant, and sophisticated. 

We hope we successfully debunked the 5 popular myths about hosiery. How about you? Do you have other interesting myths you’ve heard associated with hosiery? Let us know in the comments section down below! 

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