"Emanuelle Araújo posa de lingerie para Ano Novo" by bahianoticias is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s undeniable that the lingerie industry has drastically changed throughout the years. And so did the ideas of “sexy.” The definition of “sexy,” one, two, three decades ago, are completely different to what it is right now. It used to be only a certain group of women who fit certain body-types (typically those who were smaller with bigger cups and an hour-glass figure) that could achieve the validation of society’s perceived notion of “sexy.” Fast forward to 2018 when Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty made headlines with her very first lingerie runway show, the lingerie industry was completely revolutionized. With body positivity and inclusivity as the main driving force behind the brand, other brands have been influenced to re-evaluate their marketing tactics and their approach to defining “sexy.” And, we’re glad this happened.

The lingerie industry is now a completely altered market; propelled by unabashed femininity, women empowerment, comfort, functionality, and self-love. With industry-leaders like Victoria’s Secret facing scrutiny for the way it has marketed their products in the last two decades and ruthless comments made by their previous senior executives, their ratings have gone down at its lowest record of 3.3 million viewers. What does this mean? It means that their “sexy” is outdated and people are not fond of it. “Sexy” is not only associated with one group of people, it’s everyone. Everyone deserves the right to feel sexy, no matter what their shape, size, color, and gender is. 

"Victoria Secret Show 2009" by cattias.photos is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

With the lingerie industry continuously growing and expected to hit $325.36 billion by 2025 according to Allied Market research, this means there is more pressure for the industry to keep innovating. We can’t be more excited. With that said, we have compiled a list of five brands that are continuously changing the ideas of “sexy” through body positivity and inclusivity.

  • Playful Promises
  • With their quirky, playful, and flirty designs, you wouldn’t want to miss out on their lingerie products! What we love about this brand is how inclusive their sizes are ranging from UK 8 – UK 30 and 30-44 A-H. 

  • Cosabella
  • Into bralettes? Well check Cosabella out! A lot of their bralettes give you that innocent virgin girl next door vibe. You know us, we at LECHERY are all about the lace. They got some beautiful and elegant lace bralettes. Some of our favorites are their Never Say Never and Pret A Porter bralettes! 

  • RodeoH
  • Known for their briefs that include o-rings for harnesses. This brand is making strides within the queer and transgender community. They also offer various accessories if you’re into some fun! 

  • Chromat
  • With their futuristic approach, we feel Chromat will be the next industry leader in the future of lingerie. Their commitment to body positivity and inclusivity with styles that are unique, fun, and vibrant - means, it’s time to invest in some Chromat’s!

  • Rebirth Garments
  • Rebirth Garments have been such a game changer in the industry. Their mission is to, “create gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability.” What we love about this brand is how raw and authentic they are!


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