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Disclaimer: this blog post is NOT about tolerating men treating women in hosiery in a derogatory manner. We do NOT tolerate any forms of disrespect and rudeness on this platform. This is merely a blog post sharing my experiences as a hosiery lover with men. 

Every time I would go out in a pair of sheer pantyhose with lace details on it, I would get compliments from men. “Your legs are so long, toned, and beautiful. I want to go out with you,” or I would get that occasional and bizarre comment like, “Fuck, I want to worship you and your legs with those pantyhose on,” but if you want to get any weirder, “Princess. I want to suck your toes in your pantyhose.” Yes ladies, I’ve gotten all sorts of comments from all types of guys. At first, I was disgusted and frustrated for allowing men to talk to me in such a derogatory manner, but then it took some time to evaluate and really dig into the minds of men who are enticed by hosiery and why we wearers are so fetishized. 

When boredom kicks in, dating apps seem to be one outlet I would always resort to (don’t judge me ladies, you can’t deny that we all get bored and would go on Bumble *wink*). There were times when I would enjoy chatting with men, developing feelings and interests for them, and eventually leading to date-nights.

I remember this one particular time I was talking to a man I was super attracted to. He was all I could ask for in a guy. He was handsome, tall, bearded, well-rounded, smart, years ahead of me, ambitious, generous, and genuine - the list goes on to be honest, and I am not exaggerating. 

We were both interested in each other - chatting for long hours, talking on the phone, and exchanging pictures once in a while - we still haven’t met at this point due to our hectic schedules and him being a frequent traveler.

As things started to get a little bit more serious throughout the month we spoke, and he was going to stay in the city for quite some time, we thought we should finally meet up. We decided to set-up a date. I told him that I would free up my night and would be available for him. We came into an agreement and scheduled dinner together. 

On the day of date night, I was at home working, and he was at work too. We would constantly check up on each other asking what I was doing, what he was doing, and so forth. As it was approaching the hour we agreed to meet, he asked me a rather bizarre question, “Can I make a request?”

“What request?” I asked.

“Can you wear pantyhose for me?” 

Little did he know, he was speaking to a hosiery connoisseur, and I asked, “Why?” 

He told me (almost begging it felt like), “Just wear them please. I’ll explain to you later, but I like it when women wear them.”

From there, I knew this guy had a fetish for hosiery. 

We’ll get into the juicy details on a separate blog post (comment down below if you want to hear the full story) as I like to keep my posts short. But, when we finally met, he explained to me why he made the request while acknowledging how weird it was for him to do so, especially on the first date. He confessed that he liked the way pantyhose looks on women. It makes a woman’s legs much more defined, toned, and long. He loved the idea of knowing if a woman were wearing panties underneath the pantyhose. It’s the mystery of a woman in pantyhose that turned him on. He also loved the idea of knowing and seeing beautiful, successful, and ambitious women wearing high quality tights; he liked Wolford and Fogal specifically. To him, hosiery speaks confidence and power. Oh, and not to mention, the smooth and silky touch when he caresses a woman’s legs. 

If you would like to know more, and how it ended, comment down below! 

This leaves me asking you ladies, have you had any interesting encounters with the men you have dated and their fetishes? I would love to hear your stories! 


  • J

    So what Hap?

  • Jon

    Awesome writeup. I want the full story please.

  • Tomas

    Darling Lady, I must hear more of the story. As a gentleman with a similar fetish, I am so intrigued…your style and what you wore…he must have been aroused with anticipation. I certainly am! 😘

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