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As a hosiery lover, many people have asked me, “If you had to choose one type of hosiery for the rest of your life, what would it be?” This question is one that is quite difficult for me to answer as I love all types of hosiery as long as they are of high quality, of course. Why’s it so hard for me to answer? Well, it’s because my relationship with hosiery doesn’t come one-sided. It depends on my mood for the day. It depends if I want to be that sweet and modest girl when it’s gloomy out or if I want to be that lady who’s ready to dominate and take over the world. OR, if i want to be that woman who wants to tease her man. It really depends on my mood. A woman’s mood can change constantly and rapidly. 

In order to really answer this question, it’s important to evaluate what makes or breaks it for me when it comes to the categories of hosiery I like to wear. I would like you to take note that I am most seen in either tights, stay ups, or stockings. 

So, how would I proceed in addressing this question of, "if you had to choose one type of hosiery for the rest of your life, what would it be?" The first step is to really evaluate this question and answer it in the most rational way possible. To do so, I would have to break my answer into four different categories: 1) convenience, 2) durability, 3) versatility, and 4) comfort. 

When I say convenience, I mean, how easy is it to put on? If I were to attend a very important business meeting right now, which one would take less time for me to put on? Well, I think many of you would agree that stay ups would be ranked first on this category. And I would say so too. Simply because stay ups do not require garters to belt them up like you would for stockings and they don’t have the extra fabric for a gusset or waistband like you would for tights. That said, stay ups wins this category. 

What about durability? Ha. When it comes to durability, we’re talking about quality really. How fast do they snag? Rip? Pill? Or ladder? Based on my experience, I feel stay ups would actually rank last. I have worn many types of hosiery, and more often than not, it seems like stay ups do not really last all that long for me. I’m not sure if it is because I’m not delicate with my hosiery (even though I believe I am) or if it’s because it’s the idea that one is solely depending on the silicone bands for them to stay up and if they do slip (which happens) you would have to obviously pull them back up again. Whereas the winner for this category, I would say would be tights. Tights seem to be the most durable type of hosiery which can last many wears as it has that extra support of a waist band and gusset. 

Next, versatility. Versatility can mean so many things to me. It could mean on what occasion(s) can I wear them? And, can they be worn and matched easily with different outfits (shorts, skirts, ripped jeans, etc.)? I would definitely say when it comes to versatility, tights would be my best pick. With tights, you can wear your ripped jeans with fishnets and still look bomb. Or, you can wear a pair of black shorts with sheer tights and look formal. The options with how you dress up yourself with tights are just endless! Hence, this leaves us to the question of, what about stockings and stay ups? Don’t they essentially work the same way? Yes, and no… With stockings, I feel they are most suitable when wearing skirts. With stay ups, they check all the boxes when it comes to versatility except only when you start wearing shorts. It looks rather strange to have your upper thighs exposed (to me at least) while wearing a pair of booty shorts with stay ups. It just doesn’t seem like the perfect match for me. This is why tights win this category, again.

Last but not least, comfort. Why wear them, if they aren’t comfortable anyway? Okay, maybe we would wear them to seduce our partners or those who we want to be with. OR maybe, to just wear them because they look great and they would accentuate your whole outfit and your legs. OR MAYBE, you simply just enjoy being uncomfortable - that could be an option too! Why not? But, for me, I take my comfort seriously when I purchase items. Obviously, comfort is associated with the quality of hosiery and not solely the style of hosiery; however, comfort in styles do vary too! When it comes to styles, tights again would win this category. I feel most comfortable when I wear tights compared to the other two because I wouldn’t need to worry about them falling down if I move a lot. And wearing a suspender belt is sexy, but they can add unnecessary tension around your waist after long periods of time. So, yes, tights wins this category, again.

Ultimately, I love any type of hosiery, and will always do. Do I have preferences? Heck yeah, I do! It seems pretty obvious which type of hosiery I would wear if I had to choose one type for the rest of my life. Tights would be it. They are convenient, durable, versatile, and comfortable. 

Now it’s your turn, ladies. I ask you, if you had to choose one type of hosiery to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be? Comment down below or shoot me a message! I would love to know! :)

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