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As a platform that primarily discusses hosiery, lingerie, and womanhood, we feel that it is also our duty at LECHERY to educate our readers about the realities of our industry. Yes, hosiery plays such an important part of our life. It helps elevate us as women. It makes us feel like that woman who can take on anything. It makes us feel sensual. It helps us explore our sexuality and our womanhood. But, let’s also acknowledge the harsh realities. The fashion and textiles industry is wasteful. With hosiery alone, Daniel Clayton, founder of The Legwear Co., confessed, “over 103,000,000 kilograms of hosiery go to landfills every year. That’s equivalent to 2060 killer whales or 1330 double decker buses.” These numbers are terrifying. As hosiery lovers, we should spread awareness and educate consumers on thinking twice before tossing their hosiery out in the trash. This is the least we could do, and it’s better than nothing. To help slow down and reduce the negative effects we have on our environment, we compiled a list of 5 different ways to repurpose your hosiery before finally throwing them out. 

  • Make a shirt! 
  • By cutting out the feet off of the tights and cutting out the crotch/gusset, you now just made a simple basic long sleeve shirt that you could now wear out to your next date! All you really needed was a pair of tights and scissors!

  • Make a hosiery wash bag!
  • Yup, you read that right! You can make your own wash bag for your other pairs of hosiery out of your no longer wearable hosiery (if that makes sense). Simply cut from the knee part of your tights, put all your dirty hosiery in, tie it up, and put it into the washing machine. You just saved yourself $23 from buying a Wolford wash bag! 

  • Make a washcloth!
  • If you’re tired of having to buy a new washcloth at the supermarket which can be a little pricey at times too, well, you just found the perfect cure to your headache. By cutting out the top part of your hosiery (from mid-thigh up to the waist), folding it, and stitching it by hand - you just made yourself a washcloth that can be used over and over again to clean surfaces!

  • Make a face mask!
  • As the pandemic continues, lockdown measures continue as well. We feel it is a great time to start doing some DIY face masks with your hosiery! Obviously, you gotta wash them first before being able to wear them as face masks! We know how expensive and difficult it was (especially in the beginning of the pandemic) to get face masks. Well, you know what? Your no longer wearable hosiery might just do the trick! Plus, it’s going to look stylish too! All you need? A pair of hosiery, scissors, drawstrings, and you’re good to go!

  • Keep them & send them to us (in the future)!
  • We are in the midst of trying to figure this out, but we want to start taking it to the next level. We are in the process of dealing with companies in Europe who would be able to partner up with us so we can recycle your used hosiery. This is still in the works and we hope it does happen. That said, we urge you to keep your no longer wearable and used hosiery for us. We would greatly appreciate it!

    With these 5 hosiery repurposing tricks which one do you see yourself doing? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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